Jordan Phillips will play on Monday night and attend his father’s funeral

Getty Images

Cardinals defensive lineman Jordan Phillips confirmed today that he will both play on Monday night at Dallas and attend his father’s funeral.

Phillips wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the NFL’s COVID-19 rules, which require players to quarantine before re-joining their teams after attending large gatherings, would require him to choose between his father’s funeral and playing in the game.

“The NFL is wanting me to pick between playing in my Monday night game this week or going to my dad’s funeral with the new Covid protocols,” Phillips wrote, in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Can’t do both, these rules crazy.”

However, Phillips wrote today that the Cardinals had figured out a solution that will allow him to attend the funeral without missing the game.

“Appreciate the front office for finding a solution to the problem. Thanks Michael Bidwill. Top notch organization,” Phillips wrote.

Phillips did not detail exactly how he was able to attend both, but it’s good news for everyone involved at a tough time for Phillips and his family.