Mike Vrabel: Ryan Tannehill took advantage of opportunity and hasn’t looked back

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Today’s NFL typically gives first-round quarterbacks not much time to figure out the pro game. Ryan Tannehill, the eighth overall pick in 2012, got seven seasons with the Dolphins to try to figure it out.

In his two seasons with the Titans, Tannehill has figured it out.

“Ryan’s worked very hard,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel told Houston reporters on Thursday. “He came in as a backup and made the switch. He’s become a very efficient quarterback for us. A very good leader. This team means a lot to him. He’s a captain, obviously. In his command and what we’re trying to do each and every week, gets us in the right plays. He gets the ball out of his hands. He can keep plays alive. He can scramble.

“I think he’s having fun. I think he’s enjoying it. That’s something that he would say is that he’s having fun and took advantage of the opportunity last year when it came to him and certainly has not looked back.”

Indeed he hasn’t. And it worked out perfectly for him to land in Tennessee, where the Titans weren’t sold on Marcus Mariota and eventually decided to given Tannehill a chance to show what he can do. To his credit, and as Vrabel said, Tannehill took full advantage of the opportunity.

Along the way, he signed a four-year deal that pays out more through 2023 than the longer-term deals signed by Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

The end result? Tannehill looks different. He plays different. He has a quiet swagger and a not-so-subtle chip on his shoulder. Even now, as he continues to play incredibly well week in and week out, some remain stuck in the outdated notion that Tannehill is a bust.

While it didn’t work out for him in Miami (it was working out in 2016, until a low hit from Calais Campbell derailed the rest of the season and eventually all of 2017), it’s finally working out for him now. And it could work out all the way to a Super Bowl win for Tannehill and the Titans.

13 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Ryan Tannehill took advantage of opportunity and hasn’t looked back

  1. I was not a believer in Tannehill during his entire Dolphins stint, but I guess that shows what a difference having a competent coach can make. Philbin and especially Gase were just awful coaches on every level.

  2. Cowboys fan here… Tannehill has been one of the best QBs in the league since he signed with Tennessee. He should be in the mvp conversation.Dude is a straight baller

  3. I see the same QB that was in Miami. Tannehill is the same guy. He’s not really playing better. Miami was a horrible organization, and Mike Vrabel is just a great leader. That’s my opinion. I also think Tannehill’s 2019 year was the top story in the NFL. Whether you’re a football player, or whatever you’re doing, just keep working hard and hope good things will happen. It’s easy to quit. Tannehill didn’t quit, and he’s being rewarded.

  4. Tannehill had the misfortune of having Joe Philbin as his coach during his developmental years in Miami. He reached a certain plateau and it looked as if he couldn’t get any better. Coaching is everything in the NFL.

  5. A lot of preseason talk was that he couldn’t repeat the success of last year. Good for him!

  6. I have always believed that RT was a franchise QB
    He just was dealt a raw deal in Miami. Now look what that dope Gase is doing to the Jets and Darnold.
    RT will take the Titans to the playoffs again and win some games.

  7. Over the last 16 regular season games he and mahomes have played, Tannehill has actually out played him stats wise. Keep calling him a bust and a top 15 game manager, you’re just making yourselves look stupid.

  8. We were a game from the SB last season. Beat the Pats and Ravens, on the road. I just hope the season doesn’t end before we get to the playoffs. I suspect they will bubble-up then.

  9. Saw a QB ranking that came out AFTER the Bills game Tuesday from some blow hard at SI. He had Tannehill at #18. Really. He is top 8 easy. And if you just look at stats he has an argument as the best overall QB in the game since he took over the Titans starting job. I am not saying he is the best, but his stats are comparatively better than even Mahomes over the last 14 games. I would rank him somewhere around 7-8. He has been a revelation in Tennessee.

  10. I’m still waiting for Tannehill to have a game where HE carries the offense. Don’t get me wrong, he has ridden Henry’s coat-tails superbly – something Mariota couldn’t do, but Tannehill is primarily working off play-action. That only works when the score is relatively close and the Run game is being respected by the Defense. He’s a more mobile Kirk Cousins.

    For example, we all saw what happened last year in the AFCCG when Tennessee got behind and Tannehill was FORCED to pass – he was the same ol’ “can’t get it done” scrub he has always been. He looked lost and scared and his accuracy went to crap.

    Being a front-runner is cool and all, but an elite QB can come from behind too. Tannehill hasn’t shown that ability at all.

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