Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0

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Trailing the Ravens 27-0 on Sunday, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor sent his field goal team on the field with 37 seconds left to avoid a shutout and lose 27-3. Ravens defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale was not amused.

Asked today for his reaction to that field goal, Martindale said Taylor knows his reaction because he was screaming at Taylor across the field for what Martindale considered a bush league move.

“He knew what it was because it was awful quiet when I yelled it across the field. There are some people that take that as a victory. We’ll see. We’ll have plenty to talk about the next time we play them,” Martindale said, via ESPN.

If Taylor just didn’t want his offense to get shut out, he got what he wanted with that last-minute field goal. But Martindale didn’t like it, or respect it.

112 responses to “Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0

  1. Wink needs to shut it ans calm down. We play to win the game till the end, if you dont like ti well get a stop.

  2. Then don’t let them get in FG range Wink. Stop whining. Maybe the Cincy kicker needed practice. Either way it’s irrelevant.

  3. So is the offense just supposed to stop playing? If they had gone for it and scored a TD would that have been bush league? Either way they had no chance of winning the game so why not have the drive end with points since they had moved the ball into position to score?

  4. Perhaps Taylor should be the one who’s upset. The Ravens kicked TWO field goals….in addition to their 3 touchdowns.

  5. Is it possible that it’s “bush-league” to kick the needless field goal as well as bush-league to bother whining about it?

  6. As dumb as it is to kick a FG in that situation, it is dumber for Wink to get upset about it. Being shutout can be demoralizing so I can see why Taylor did what he did though I wouldn’t have personally gone for the FG.

  7. Ol’ Winky-poo comes off poorly here. If you don’t want them kicking a field goal, have your defense stop them from being able to attempt one.

  8. While I will admit there was obviously no real point to the field goal because it was impossible to win the game, Wink needs to chill the hell out. Yelling across the field to the opposing teams head coach because he went for a pointless field goal at the end of a winless game is just obnoxious. You won, Wink and affectively shut the freaking Bengals out.

  9. That field goal was the closest thing to a middle finger you will see a coach do. It’s clear that field goal was worth more than just 3 points.

  10. Wouldn’t the Bengals purposefully not scoring be “bush league” just to preserve a shutout by their opponent? Why would the Bengals care what the other team wants?

  11. Speaking of Bush League moves…

    Should have blocked the field goal if they wanted the shutout.

  12. What, he expected the other team to stop playing just to protect his shut-out? THAT’S bush-league…

  13. Nobody is worried about Baltimore, because they’ve shown what they’re capable of come playoff time, and it’s not winning that’s for sure!!

  14. If you want the shutout, don’t let them get into field goal range with time left on the clock.

    You’re not “entitled” to a shutout because you had one for 59 minutes and 23 seconds. Finish the game, Nancy.

  15. It is really stupid to kick a field goal in that situation. Practice your fourth down offense. You clearly need it.

  16. His team won the game handily and yet Martindale has a problem with the Bengals wanting to at least put points on the board? Worry about your own team and keep your nose out of the other team’s business.

    It’s one thing for players to jaw at each other. Coaches should act like professionals.

  17. First time I’ve ever heard of the guy up 27-0 being upset with the other team for running up the score.

  18. Seriously? Usually it’s the opposite – losing coach gets mad at a team running up the score. But this? Childish. Just like with running up the score, if you don’t want them to score, then stop them! If you wanted a shut-out, then you should’ve played better. Mr. Martindale, you need to go home, sit down and rethink your priorities in life.

  19. Taylor probably wanted to get his kicker and ST to get a live shot at a last second FG.

    Wink has been around football long enough to know that.

  20. Real tough guy. Yelling at a team he is a million times better then. Worry about Derrick Henry not bulldozing your defense in the playoffs instead.

  21. Its not surprising. Taylor is in over his head and will be released at the end of the season. He got the job because he mad a nice cup of coffee for McVay.

  22. if you don’t like it, block the field goal? isn’t that what winning teams say when the losing team complains about them continuing to score?

  23. So he wanted the opposing HC to just give him a shut out…? Shut outs aren’t given they are earned. If you can’t keep them out of field goal range then you didn’t earn it.

  24. It was always customary to kick a late FG to keep the goose egg off the board. He trippin’.
    And I wish we didn’t kick FGs against KC.

  25. Who cares? Why would he scream at him? Was his little ego hurt that he didn’t get a shut out? It’s the NFL bro, pull you panties up and realize that coaches don’t want to see a goose egg for their score. What a baby.

  26. Of course the Bengals should have gone for the conversion. You have to take your small victories where you can get them. What did the Raven want — the Bengals to try for touchdown and a twenty-two point conversion?

  27. what a jerk Wink is. God forbid a team put points on the board and ruin his precious stats…

  28. That’s like a coach yelling at the other teams batter who hit a homerun with 2 outs in the 9th down 8-0 instead of gracefully just taking 3 strikes to close the game out.

  29. I would have had my kicker do that, too. Nobody wants to get shut out. And if the Ravens wanted the shutout, they should have stopped the Bengals on the field. As it is, the Ravens didn’t earn a shutout.

    That wasn’t cheap or dirty.

  30. Wink may not like it but one of the season ending tie-breakers is points scored. So if you happen to be tied for the last playoff spot those 3 points could be what put’s in the dance. So yeah, shat-up and play da game Winkster.

  31. I see some folks saying they should have blocked the field goal. If their defense was so tough and “earned a shutout”, why did they even let them get in field-goal range in the first place?

  32. Whine or not – he’s kinda right. Kicking a field goal so you don’t get shut out is pure beta and profoundly weak. Anyone that defines that as some sort of win, or finds some sort of weird comfort in kicking a field goal just to make the score 27-3 is a huge loser. Martin sales point is that the game is over. 37 seconds left. Take a knee and accept your whuppin, but the bengals wanted to be annoying little ankle biters by kicking a field goal

  33. I can’t imagine George Halas would have yelled at Vince Lombardi about some chicken salad like that.

  34. Don’t know what’s more ridiculous a grown man called Wink , complaining about a coach not wanting his rookie QB to get shutout or the few who think he’s right .

  35. Won my fantasy matchup due to those 3 points. Bullock had been a beast up until that game.

  36. The pic of Wink gives me PTSD of all the coaches that would flip out at football camps during the summer.

    Also…put on your mask…on second thought keep it off 😉

  37. Is this a joke? If you want your shutout then you play till the final whistle. Anybody who’s been on the losing end of a bad game knows when you’re down you want to try and ruin the opponents shutout. Play the game wink. That is some real weak stuff

  38. Pull that mask up over your eyes next time Wink so you don’t have to view it. Btw, has the league contacted you for not covering your nose and mouth with it?

  39. This is kind of fascinating and brings up lots of questions. Can you truly be proud of a shutout if it isn’t fully earned? At what exact point was the Bengals’ offense supposed to stop trying and just concede to the D? Would a FG have been acceptable at the 3:00 mark or would that already have been too late? And what if the Bengals had went for it on 4th down and eventually gotten a TD? Would that have been okay or would them going for it on 4th when they were clearly out of the game have been just as bad as kicking a FG?

  40. Anybody who thinks the bengals did anything wrong is a fool. Play the game all the way losers

  41. Had Baltimore scored another TD and the Bengals taken offense Wink would have said “Too bad”. Any team that quits isn’t worth a thing and it was valuable game time for Burrow and that young team. Maybe he’s still pouting about the 34 points the Chiefs scored on his precious defense.

  42. I can see why Wink is considered the 3rd Ryan brother. Another blowhard who thinks it’s all about him.

  43. Hey Wink, I heard that if you cry about it, they’ll take the points away from the Bengals.

  44. Bad enough he yelled to begin with but 5 days later he’s still harping about it? What a tool

  45. So then, I guess it was not bush league when it was 20 – 0 that the Ravens scored yet again to make it a mega blowout instead of just a regular blowout.

    Nothing wrong with Cincy kicking a FG in that spot. Grow Up!!!

  46. I’m a Ravens fan, don’t want them to kick the FG, dont let them drive the field. Its not like he kicked a FG on first down as time expired or something. Coaching staff just needs to shut up and coach. Its fine to have fire, but keep that in house.

  47. He should probably spend the time whining figuring out how to stop Patrick Mahomes and Derrick Henry.

  48. Hey Wink, you should’ve been yelling at your defense for allowing the Bengals to gain 55 yards and kick a field goal.

  49. No lie guys. This could be the saddest and most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in the NFL

  50. First of all, I loved Wink Martindale when he used to host game shows like Tic-Tac-Dough and High Rollers. Secondly, maybe the reason Wink was so upset is because Bullock’s meaningless FG might have hurt his Fantasy Football team. I know it caused me to lose by 1 point.

  51. He must have had money on the Bengals being shut out in a prop bet. He needs to be investigated thoroughly

  52. Is it not a 60 minute game or is it now just 59:23 minute game? Nothing wrong with putting points on the board. Maybe the Ravens should have taken the 27 points off as well, because they didn’t score in the first 0:01 second of the game. Martindale is dumb.

  53. Let’s be honest, a field goal is POINTLESS on that situation. I would have kept my comments to myself though. He’s not the head coach

  54. I have taught you well, young Wink. The Whining is strong in you – Jim Harbawl.

  55. My guess, Martindale has incentives in his contract for shutouts, and maybe Zac Taylor knew it. If not, it was bush league move by Martindale to cry about it.

  56. Nick Name says:
    October 15, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    Oh boy, here comes the hate. The defense on that day earned a shutout.

    Final score: 27-3.
    Obviously not.

  57. Grow up, “Wink”. Anytime a team can get game reps in for special teams they should do it. This is not 1985. You’re going to get lumped in with Buddy Ryan and Greg Williams.

  58. We get it Wink. The Ravens are really good against bad teams. Instead of worrying about a fg maybe worry about your defense when it comes to playoffs. You know when the good teams show up? 2018 L. Jackson with a 48.3 % completion rate playoff game. 2019 51.3% completion rate. You’re gonna need a defense that can help that. 1 and done is no way to represent. Things get tougher in the playoffs. Point is there are better things to worry about.

  59. Kinda irritates me how some people think you have to play a certain way. So what if an opponent goes for two if they’re up by six touchdowns? It’s not against the rules. “Oh but it’s not cool, it’s not nice.” ITS FREAKING FOOTBALL!!

  60. And the Bengals DC was yelling at the Ravens for scoring more than the 3 points they needed to win.

  61. Apparently there has only been 2 times in the last 50 years when an NFL team, down by 20 points or more, has opted to kick a field goal with less than 1 minute left in the game. Nonetheless, it seems Harbaugh’s response was that they should have stopped the Bengals on one of the 4th & 1 situations earlier in that last drive.

  62. I think this guy has a burning desire to see burrow get killed on 4rth and long in a meaningless drive smh

  63. Ravens didn’t “earn” a shutout. Takes 60 minutes not 59 and change to finish a game. Bengals made the right move – Old Winky needs to chill.

  64. I’ve never heard of something like this before. I can see a coach being upset at the other team for running up the score, but I’ve never heard of a coach being upset that the team he just steamrolled got some meaningless points to avoid a shutout on the scoreboard. What were the Bengals supposed to do? Take a knee and run out the clock because that’s what the Ravens wanted them to do?

  65. I think it would be really bad if he had the opportunity to score and didn’t. What about betting? I would be looking at this Raven’s coach’s accounts….

  66. Naterade says:
    October 15, 2020 at 4:15 pm
    It is really stupid to kick a field goal in that situation. Practice your fourth down offense. You clearly need it.

    Bengals are obviously terrible at football, but they do have the most 4th down conversions of anyone this year, averaging almost 2 per game. Maybe just keep them out of field goal range next time Wink.

  67. Maybe your guys should’ve played shutout defense for 60 minutes and not 59….boo friggin’ hoo

  68. Bengals need to fire Zac Taylor. 3-17-1 and not competitive against the Ravens. OL is awful.

  69. Maybe he thought his team was down 27, than he can really call it “bush league” for wanting to score 30 points?.

    Too bad your D couldn’t stop them from getting in field goal range, so the blames on you that you couldn’t get your meaningless shut out. The guy’s a tool.

  70. I remember a game where Jerry Glanville’s Houston Oilers were leading Sam Wyche’s Bengals 58-3 at the very end of the game. What did Glanville do? Call a timeout so he could kick a field goal to make the final score 61-3. That’s bush league. This? Not so much.

  71. Lamar Jackson epitomizes hard work, dedication and professionalism. Wink on the other hand is a classless crybaby. Maybe he should take a page from Jackson.

  72. In a league known for dumb statements and dumber actions, this one takes the cake! Shut up, Wink…

  73. Wink is complaining about the vaunted NFL tradition of garbage time points? What, does he get an extra juice box if the D shuts out the other team?

  74. Don Martindale shouldn’t be coaching anything. If my team gave up at the end I would want them fired. Yes they were going to loose, but there is next week and attitude starts with the coaching, Don you are not a good one.

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