Report: Le’Veon Bell choosing between Dolphins, Chiefs

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The word earlier today was free agent running back Le'Veon Bell had narrowed his choice to the Bills, Chiefs and Dolphins. Now comes news Bell is down to two suitors.

Bell has narrowed his choices to the Dolphins or the Chiefs, reports.

The Dolphins play the Jets, Bell’s former team, on Sunday. While the turnaround would be too quick for him to play in that game because of COVID-19 protocol, the Jets play the Dolphins again in Week 12. The Jets play the Chiefs in Week Eight.

So it appears Bell will get to face his former team.

Bell lives and trains in South Florida during the offseason and likely would have a bigger role in Miami, while going to Kansas City would give him a chance at winning a Super Bowl.

Myles Gaskin leads the Dolphins in rushing with Matt Breida and Jordan Howard behind him on the depth chart. Rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the starter in Kansas City.

In two games with the Jets this season, Bell had 22 touches for 113 yards.

33 responses to “Report: Le’Veon Bell choosing between Dolphins, Chiefs

  1. Ironically, the Bills would have easily used him the most between these teams. Dang, I kinda wanted him for the Bills, too. He would have added an interesting dynamic behind that line

  2. Bigger payday by going to KC, more high profile games so more national audiences. 1 year deal in KC gives him a chance to “prove” himself.

  3. Gaskin has been balling out in Miami. They don’t need bell so why ruin team chemistry for him?

  4. Former Fins fan (though I still root for them because of Flores, Tua, and Jerome Baker and one or two others, but not really a fan anymore…) here—

    PLEASE PICK THE CHIEFS! Why did Flores dump Kenyan Drake, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Raekwon McMillan? Egos! And Bell’s arrogant ego tops them all! Fins need dedicated players, not big names” just because…. IMHO, it’s all about screwing the Jets, that’s it.

    Besides, Bell ol’ boy, with the Chiefs you’ll make the playoffs…the Dolphins are still a year or two away…and when are they playing Tua???

  5. td30 says:
    October 15, 2020 at 5:17 pm
    playing time and money…or the chiefs
    Which team would you want to be on at the end of the season; the one that is 5-11 or the one that is 11-5?

  6. Bell has proven he is all about the money. The team that’ll pay him more will get him. Don’t know for a fact but my guess is Miami, they usually seem to have cap space to spare.

  7. I think the ground game approach of the Chiefs is better suited to exploit the multiple skills of Bell. They use different zone schemes, a lot of misdirections and his catching ability will be difficult to defend. We are not talking about dink and dunk here, but disguised plays where the opposing defense will be caught off guard.

  8. No state tax in FL and he’ll most likely get vet min – given how he plays these days he’ll likely need all he can save.

  9. How much are we talking about? We can’t evaluate this move (by either team) without knowing the $$$.

  10. 1 year prove it deal to see if he still has it and what his mind set is, he’d be a low risk high reward type player for either team. He’s going to be playing on the jets dime so what have you got to lose?

  11. Bell is a workhorse if used right. Fans love to judge moral character. I would leave that to his coach and teammates.

  12. Choosing between the Dolphins or Chiefs and then gets signed by the Raiders or the Bears.

  13. Of course he wants to go home to Miami he isn’t about winning. This man isn’t getting paid next season either. Freeman took 1.5 million and a guaranteed starting job to build value on a losing team. I wanted him back in Pittsburgh but he is gonna home

  14. Stay out of Miami….go to KC, OR EVEN BETTER, go to the DETROIT Lions or THE CHICAGO bears.

  15. He’s already proven that winning an SB ring doesn’t mean anything to him. He is all about the dollar signs.

  16. It seems like just yesterday some people were applauding his decision to sit out, force a trade, lose millions of dollars and ultimately ruin the value he once had.

  17. Andy Reid likely remembers all the games Bell helped the Steelers dismantle Bob Sutton’s Chief’s defensive schemes.

    Reid probably has plays already drawn up for a guy with Bell’s particular skillsets.

    Bell is capable of scoring from anywhere on the field – at almost any time.

    Dayum good move, Mr Veach.

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