Colts: We have closed facility after multiple positive COVID-19 tests

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The Colts are the latest team to close their facility after receiving word of positive COVID-19 tests.

The team issued a statement on Friday morning announcing that they will be working remotely as they work to confirm that those tests are true positives.

“This morning, we were informed that several individuals within our organization have tested posted for COVID-19,” the statement said. “The team is currently in the process of confirming those tests. In the meantime, the practice facility will be closed and the team will work remotely while following NFL protocols. We are in communication with the NFL and will have more information when available.”

Indianapolis is scheduled to host Cincinnati on Sunday, but any plans for that game are going to be tentative until the confirmation process comes to an end. The Bengals have a bye in Week Nine and the Colts have a bye in Week Seven, so any move from this Sunday would take some schedule shuffling by the league.

The Falcons closed their facility on Thursday after a positive test, but are expected to be back in the building Friday as long as no other positive results come back from the latest round of tests.

30 responses to “Colts: We have closed facility after multiple positive COVID-19 tests

  1. The NFL needs to temporarily suspend the season,
    It’s only going to get worst, much worst.

  2. Aside from concern for the health of the affected team members, it sure seems like the control and containment aspect is starting to spin out of the grasp of the nfl despite all the efforts put forth to prevent that from occurring. Bummer.

  3. So, the team with the fewest Covid positives will be crowned paper SB Champions? God, what a mess. Not the league’s fault. I just don’t see them getting a full season in. Everyone, stay safe.

  4. The virus doesn’t care if you test daily or where you live. Testing doesn’t create some sort of barrier to the disease. Cases are surging in this area and you don’t have to have a PhD to see where we’re headed.

    Mask up and stay safe everyone!

  5. So they have all these protocols in place to protect against spreading the virus. Probably 99% of all transmissions of the virus were done by people who didn’t know they were sick at the time they passed along the virus. Yet all the teams meet in the middle of the field after each game, with no masks on, hugging each member of the other team as if it was business as usual. That’s just mind boggling. So the coaches get fined if their mask slips off their face, but the players are allowed to spread the virus at will. Who’s in charge?

  6. I know these guys are millionaires, I don’t want to be treated like children but let’s be serious it’s either THE BUBBLE or the season is going to be canceled

  7. solution for this would be simple.
    Cincy vs Clev moves from week 7 to week 9
    Cincy vs Indy moves from week 6 to week 7

    Cleveland bye moves to week 7

  8. Easy fix for this one if they can’t go Sunday.

    Colts play Bengals week 7 and Browns play Bengals week 9.

  9. This type of news is wearing thin. It’s like having to constantly deal with a problem co-worker, student etc. Approximately 50,000 new COVID cases per day means too many Americans still don’t care or get the point. NFL & NFLPA – figure it out and get in the damn bubble already!

  10. This may be a blessing in disguise for the Bengals. I’m sure Burrow could use an extra week to heal up from all the hits this year. This sucks for the Colts though because we would’ve been a sacrificial lamb for them. Lol.

  11. The NFL would be best served by starting the playoffs next week. By week 6 we all know which teams/divisions are going to suck and which are going to be playoff calibre. Let’s face it, the Jets aren’t going to rip off 10 wins in a row a get a wildcard.

  12. I am really looking forward to the playoff implication games that will be played in Week 26.

  13. The NFL needs to revamp the schedule right now before this gets even more out of control. Go ahead and move the playoff schedule and Super Bowl a couple of weeks, cancel all the bye weeks and the build in time to move games. The league could very easily add bye weeks after week 8 or 9, then another a few weeks later, then another at the “end” of the season. Worried about the winter weather? The playoff games can easily be moved to neutral sites.

  14. Someone said it here before, they should have made it an 18 week or even 19 week season to try and minimize the chaos from rescheduling. The players aren’t getting sick from this, it’s a matter of preventing COVID just from raging through the NFL and shutting down the season. An extra off week to reschedule games would have taken a lot of pressure off the teams and made it easier to close the facilities and wait out the roughly week-long incubation period.

  15. They need to move the Super Bowl back a week or two. Then any cancelled games leave week 16 open for make up games.

  16. dobbsy81 says:
    Yet still no bubble…. 🤦‍♂️
    Each team would need close to 100 players coaches and staffers. With 32 teams,… where are you going to find 1 or 2 locations to Isolate ,… not to mention how would you plan and play 15 or 16 games per weekend in a bubble ? What cities have enough football fields ? You'll need multiple NFL approved fields. This isn't as simple as the NBA plan.

  17. We are not even half way through and already needed multiple game rescheduling. NFL never accounted for the schedule shuffle before the season. They really should have opted for a shortened season to account for these makeup games, or at least added an extra bye week. Nix two interconference games and make it a 14 game season. They won’t because they want all the revenue they can get.

  18. dobbsy81 says:
    October 16, 2020 at 9:22 am
    Yet still no bubble….

    Bubble, just when the pandemic is getting ready to ramp up its winter attack?? The nfl says to hell with that, open the flood gates and let them fans fill our stadiums!

  19. How can this happen so often? False positives and just go ahead and play the games like nothing happened?

  20. Indybear says:
    October 16, 2020 at 7:54 am
    The virus doesn’t care if you test daily or where you live. Testing doesn’t create some sort of barrier to the disease. Cases are surging in this area and you don’t have to have a PhD to see where we’re headed.

    Mask up and stay safe everyone!

    Nothing more annoying than when people say the virus doesn’t care, as if it has feelings. Your mask does virtually nothing as well

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