George Kittle called Joe Staley for advice after blowout loss to Dolphins

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The 49ers have a problem, and one of the 49ers’ current captains contacted one of the team’s former captains to try to solve it.

As explained by Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, San Francisco tight end George Kittle called former San Francisco left tackle Joe Staley for advice after a 43-17 blowout loss to the Dolphins.

“I talked to him after the last game and that’s one thing he told me,” Kittle said. “‘Look, you have to hold people accountable and you have to tell them that you hold them to the highest standard because that’s what we’ve done for the last three years.'”

Without Staley or cornerback Richard Sherman, who has been on injured reserve for several weeks, the 49ers may be lacking in on-field leadership. Kittle wasn’t ready to admit that.

“I’m not saying we’re lacking in that at all,” Kittle said. “I’m just saying we are trying to find our footing as a team, as captains too. When you lose Joe Staley, and Sherm hasn’t been here really. When you lose two guys who you look up to, it is hard.”

Someone clearly needs to do something, because the 49ers stand at 2-3 and they’re embarking on a seven-game death march.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the QB, it doesn’t matter if you’re DeForest Buckner, it doesn’t matter if you’re Arik Armstead it doesn’t matter if you’re George Kittle,” Kittle said. “Joe would hold you accountable and he’d make sure you heard his point and what he thought was required of you on a daily basis.”

Much is currently required of the 49ers, if they have any chance to remain relevant over the next two months. We’ll all find out on Sunday Night Football whether the 49ers can begin the coming gauntlet with a win against a Rams team whose only wins this season have come against the NFC East.

8 responses to “George Kittle called Joe Staley for advice after blowout loss to Dolphins

  1. The 49ers won 13 football games in 2019..

    They won 12 the previous 3 seasons Combined… and were 5-11 the season before that… this wasn’t a team that gradually got better…

    It was a team that got Flukishly good for 1 season…

    Maybe people should start seeing that this football team… is not very good

  2. Kittle called Staley because he went through a lot of blowout losses so he just wanted advice on how to handle more going forward.

  3. People are saying injuries and that’s true to an extent but then you get Trent Williams playing terribly but selfishly taking no responsibility for his awful play , Garoppolo is either still injured or regressed , without an elite d line Saleh is useless as a defensive coordinator , the guys recently drafted on offense aren’t great athletes but instead good scheme fits but unfortunately the scheme is no longer working and lastly Shanahan Junior cannot or refuses to change said scheme ..the Niners look to be getting another top 5 pick this year .

  4. Funny how everything goes south when the talent is gone. Now Saleh isn’t such a genius and Shanahan’s scheme no longer works. They lost their best player in Bosa and 2 other 1st round picks on their DL alone. Next you loose your LT and your only good CB and people want to blame coaching. Show how little they know about this game. Of course your scheme doesn’t work when your all-stat players aren’t there.

  5. I think that the Niners will bounce back, starting with a win this week against the Rams.

    But it won’t be enough to get into the playoffs. Seattle owns the division this year.

  6. SF is fine. They’ve lost too much to injuries.

    The O will turn around once Jimmy G is healthy. The D should get better with more time on the field.

    Rams are WAY overrated, Seahawks have a GREAT offense, but bad D. AZ is a mystery….could win by 30 and lose by 30 to anyone.

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