Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott’s injury: We should adjust expectations

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It was a depressing week in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Cowboys entered the season with high expectations with the addition of Super Bowl-winning coach Mike McCarthy, but now, after Dak Prescott‘s season-ending surgery, the sky has fallen.

It apparently has fallen for the ever-optimistic Jerry Jones, too.

“We should adjust expectations; different than optimism,” the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The Fan on Friday. “But we should adjust our expectation. Dak is a very, very integral part of the success of this football team. On the other hand, if we don’t reach where we want to go ultimately, and the ultimate success is to win the championship, it will not be because of Andy Dalton. It will not be because of where our play at quarterback. He is capable of stepping in and playing at that level.”

Prescott’s 1,856 yards in five games put him on pace for an NFL-record 5,939.

Andy Dalton has never passed for more than 4,293 yards in a season, but he also hasn’t had the weapons the Cowboys have. He has started 133 career games, winning 70 of those, and has more experience than Prescott.

Prescott had started 69 games in a row, with now offensive coordinator Kellen Moore the last quarterback not named Dak Prescott to start at quarterback in a game for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys signed Dalton as an insurance policy, and they now are cashing in. So why the long face?

“I really haven’t been real aggressive in terms of us getting a backup quarterback to these outstanding quarterbacks that we’ve been fortunate to have such as [Troy] Aikman, [Tony] Romo, and for that matter, most others,” Jones said. “Andy was an opportunity for us. We are well aware of Dak’s durability, but he was an opportunity for us that we just couldn’t pass up. But certainly knew that with Dak’s durability that it would take a set of circumstances that were pretty — one that we really didn’t want to have to address — but as it turns out we have him. He is a starting quarterback, and I don’t mean just a starting quarterback. He’s legitimate, go get ’em, designed, starting quarterback in the NFL, and I’m proud that we have him under these circumstances to be starting for the Dallas Cowboys. We couldn’t be in better shape, if you take into consideration we lost Dak, than to have Andy Dalton step in.”

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  1. Andy Dalton is a pretty good quarterback. He played for a long time on a had team. I am not a Cowboys fan, but they will be just fine with him quarterbacking their team.

  2. Gotta agree with Jerry here. To have a backup QB That is only 32 years old, went to the playoffs his first five years in the NFL. And he’s from Texas. More experience than Dak. Andy is Andy. Lots of film on him. New team, Smart QB. But andy has failed to overcome whatever held him back. This will be extremely interesting to watch! Other than division games, I look for him to get smoked.

  3. My expectation was for them to win their crappy division and get waxed in their home playoff game. Not sure I need to adjust that at all.

  4. He’s acting sad but he’s not really sad; he’s happy he’s so smart to get Dalton but he’s sad he has to use him but not really because he’s good as Dak, but that makes him sad…or something like that…

  5. everybody keeps going on like Dakota is some great loss, some franchise quarterback;

    while his injury is unfortunate, let us remember the Cowsills were only 2-3 with him this season and one of those a fluke against an 0-5 team that literally handed them the game;

    a very good former coach said you are what your record says you are and Dakota’s record speaks for itself—a continual regression since his first year where he simply doesn’t beat good teams with winning records in critical games, even with superior talent around him like this year, who does not read defences at all save pitch it to his RB or else run unless his primary receiver is open;

    sorry to break the news to all his worshippers, but like the Giants, Eagles and Washington team in the Charmin Division of the NFL, Jerrah needs a real QB in the next draft;

  6. Dakota Prescott is done in Dallas. He won’t be back next year. He might sign with another team, provided he can pass a physical exam, because he is a good (not great) quarterback, but his career with the Cowboys is over. Sure, Dallas could franchise tag him again, but why do that?

    Andrew Dalton is a decent quarterback. He has led a bad team to the playoffs, and lost in the first round every time. How is that any different from what Prescott, Romo, or any other quarterback since Aikman has accomplished?

    Staubach and Aikman are the only quarterbacks in Cowboys history that have ever won a divisional playoff game and advanced to a conference championship. Except for Don Meredith and Danny White, but neither of them won a Super Bowl, or even appeared in one. Staubach and Aikman, that’s the standard.

    Prescott in not capable of achieving that, not anymore. Neither is Dalton. Make the playoffs, lose, that’s their standard.

    No wonder Jerry Jones is worried. He created this mess. And the team that Landry built and Johnson added to hasn’t won anything since Switzer. It’s been all downhill ever since.

    Jerry Jones is a joke of an owner/general manager. He might as well be the Donald Trump of the NFL.

  7. I’m not a Cowboys fan at all! I hate to see any player carted off. Jerry is going to keep Dalton and Dak is going to get paid by a team not named the Cowboys!

  8. Expectations? This team has won 1 game against a hapless Giants team if you take away the gift from Atlanta. Which, by the way, is terrible as well. They could easily end up in last place in the division. With or without Dak. How could a reasonably minded person, without bias, have expectations that exceed that?

  9. Andy Dalton “also hasn’t had the weapons the Cowboys have.”

    Umm, really?

    Dalton was having an MVP-type season in 2015 throwing to AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Mohammed Sanu and Tyler Eifert.

  10. It is a business and Dak did not listen to the old saying ” A bird in the hand us worth more than two in the bush”. Yeah I know a few have done it and got lucky but as you see some don’t be as lucky. He is very lucky his career is not over with and in this game it can happen just like that. It does not matter how much Dallas pays Dak or how many yards he passes for. If they do not fix that defense they are not going nowhere. They got some really talented young DB’s this year out of the draft. Why in the world are they not playing them to let them grow has me wondering. Good luck to you Dak, and wish you a speedy recovery.

  11. and let’s not forget, Dak turned down 5 years at 175….. pretty much the same money as Russell Wilson…. and honestly, Dak… is no Russell Wilson. Opps…

  12. The Dak injury could produce a few winners. First, there’s Andy Dalton. They signed him for cheap and he’s a starting caliber NFL QB. It’s not like he played for a good team all those years. He played for an organization that is synonymous with inept. He never had the kind of offense he’ll be running in Dallas. That offense has better talent at practically every position. If Dalton can show he’s capable of carrying a team then he’s going to make a lot of money next year.

    Then there’s the Cowboys. If Dalton can make this offense run smoothly it gives them an option over Dak. Dalton might take less money because he’s from Texas (Houston)_and might take less to stay closer to his hometown. That gives them leverage over Dak and if they can’t sign Dak they may just decide to sign Dalton instead and let Dak walk. If they sign (overpay) Dak then there’s no way they can keep Dalton. In spite of what Jerruh says, if Dalton lights it up he’s going to have a hard decision to make with Dak, especially if all he cares about is winning a championship like he says. If he signs Dak just because he likes him then they are hosed.

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