Jets OC: Execution our problem, not who calls plays

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Jets head coach Adam Gase opened the week musing about the possibility that he would give up his role as the offensive playcaller after an 0-5 start to the season.

Gase ultimately didn’t go that route. He said on Wednesday that he will remain in the role after conversations with members of the coaching staff about the problems on offense.

One might wonder if assistant coaches might tell their boss what they think he wants to hear, but offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said on Thursday that isn’t the case. Loggains said “the staff would have no problem telling the boss” that his play calls were an issue and that he believes the issue lies elsewhere.

“Our issues on offense are bigger than playcalling right now. It comes down to execution,” Loggains said, via Zach Braziller of the New York Post. “It comes down to making sure your guys are in the right spots. Whoever calls the plays isn’t [himself] converting on third-and-1, isn’t converting the fourth-and-1 last week in the game. Those are things that come down to details.”

The Jets have been bad enough that any explanation for their shortcomings has some truth to it. None of those explanations reflect all that well on the coaching staff, but the team has thus far avoided joining the Texans and Falcons in making a change.

17 responses to “Jets OC: Execution our problem, not who calls plays

  1. Reminds me of Gase’s response to bell being misused.

    Everyone coach on that staff needs to be canned and never hired in the NFL again.

  2. Finger pointing gets you nowhere, whether it’s true or not. Once you start down that road with your players through the media, your time is short.

  3. Poor execution is often a by-product of poor coaching or a lack of talent. Sometimes we find out what the problem is when we take a hard look at ourselves.

  4. this is easily the worst team in the league. not a Jets fan and no clue who is to blame but man they are hard to watch.

  5. Has a coach ever just said “Hey, listen, It’s very, very obvious that I’m not capable of doing this job and so it would be best for the owner, the players and the rest of the staff if I just turn in my card key and let you guys handle it”?

  6. The late Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC John McKay was asked when the Bucs went winless in 1976,, “What do you think of your teams execution?”…in which he replied “I’m all for it!”. Classic. ALSO applys with the 2020 NY Jets and Adam Case.

  7. Either way – these are both issues that show the coaching is no good. At least come up with a good excuse if you are going to make one.

  8. Ya, blame the players, great job! You may want to start applying for employment that is related to your degree.
    Put down the kool-aid and don’t let the door his you on the way out

  9. If the players can’t execute the plays, whose fault is that? Doesn’t that usually fall on the coaching staff? I’m still amazed that the Jets saw how bad he was in Miami and *still* thought, “This is the guy we want coaching our team.”

  10. So… Basically what’s being said here is that the coaches are calling plays that the players are incapable of executing.

    So it’s up to the coaches to make adjustments to the players’ skillsets, put them in a position to succeed – or at least to not suck so bad – and not be 0-5. As hard as it is to go 16-0 in this league, it’s pretty damn hard to go 0-16 too.

  11. Yep, that’s how great coaches do it, they cover their asses and blame the players. Yep, nothing wrong there eyerroll.gif

  12. You know you’re in trouble when you start blaming the players.

    Dowell Loagins has never been part of a productive offense.

  13. The Jets played the 49ers a few weeks ago when the 49ers were without Garoppolo and George Kittle. They still managed to look like an NFL offense, though not a good one. The Jets offense doesn’t look NFL level, its horrible. Execution? Running Frank Gore up the middle twice, then a short pass behind the stick, then punt is Gases idea of play calling. Yeah sure, thats execution. What an incompetent coaching staff the Jets have assembled. The funniest comment is by the owner that firing Gase with hinder Sam Darnolds development.

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