Jimmy Garoppolo set to start on Sunday night

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t get an injury designation before last week’s game against the Dolphins and he went on to start for the first time since Week Two.

Garoppolo didn’t appear comfortable with his ankle, however, and played poorly before being benched in favor of C.J. Beathard. The 49ers will be hoping for better results this weekend.

The quarterback is absent from the final injury report of the week again this week and he’s in line to start against the Rams on Sunday night.

Five players did land injury designations on Friday. Linebacker Kwon Alexander (ankle) and cornerback Dontae Johnson (groin) have been ruled out. Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley (concussion), safety Marcell Harris (ankle), and running back Jeffery Wilson (calf) are listed as questionable.

17 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo set to start on Sunday night

  1. The 49ers need to make MORE THEN SURE that he is totally healed before they trot him out there. This is why I will never understand why the 2nd string QB does not get more reps with the starters in practice. They know how nicked up and hurt the starting QB get on almost every team.
    I wish him only the best and hope he totally HEALS UP before he PLAYS. I also think that layers who need shot up with pain killers to be on the field, should not be on the field.

  2. Football is a game of toughness. All of the players are always banged up and none of them are ever fully 100%. Playing nicked up is a part of the game and it separates the great players from the average ones. With that being said, Jimmy G will never be elite. If can’t perform at a top level when he is nicked up, than he is no good to his team…especially at that price point! Lets be honest…he has not gotten any better since he came to the team and I am a fan of his and a true Niners fan. Look at Russel Wilson, he is getting better every year even while being nicked up and with players changing all around him. Jimmy G needs to stop chasing the porn starts and develop his craft then maybe we can get another super bowl title.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of season he has when healthy. The 49ers have the ability to get out of his contract next year with a minimal cap hit. To me, he’s a guy who can be a good game manager in the right situation. Like last year with a very strong defense. But $25 million is a hefty price tag for what he offers.

  4. Aaron Donald is gonna check-in on his health a few times. He is generous in that regard.

  5. I don’t blame Shanahan for making the move because QBs should know they are not above anyone else. If a RB can get benched for not playing well, so should a QB.

    But it is clear Jimmy G is the best option the team has and there is no way they are seriously considering a change.

    I think the 49ers bounce back, put up three first half touchdowns and win 31-21.

  6. This fall from grace is EERILY similar to the Niners after Richard Sherman ruined them in the NFC Champ Game.

  7. Remember when the talking heads said Belichick got fleeced by the Niners in the Jimmy G trade?….yeah…..good times.

    Folks need to let things play out a bit before declaring ‘trade winners and losers.’

    So far it’s BB for the win. But heck, Jimmy still has time to swing the pendulum, good luck kid. I like seeing players succeed so get healthy and go get em

  8. this will be the 4th or 5th time I mention this.

    Garoppalo has never PROVEN anything. Back in NE during Frame-gate, he came in and played pretty well in Brady’s stead, but he also got injured due to a rookie mistake- trying to extend a dead play. He got injured again in SF due to a rookie mistake for trying to get an extra yard. All that aside, he has never proven anything supporting becoming a franchise QB. His entire pro career consists of less than 50 games. Can’t hit a deep pass to save his life and SF got bamboozled.

  9. It’s not the superbowl. But this is one of his most important games as a 49er. It’s make or break time. and if I could bet, my money would be on the under.

  10. Whats the excuse going to be this time? Play calling? Bad line play? The D giving up points. In San Francisco it seems to be everyone elses fault but Jimmy G

  11. Of it weren’t for slants that his receivers get lots orchards after the catch he’d be below average.

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