Matt Rhule says Teddy Bridgewater has elite intelligence

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Teddy Bridgewater may not be the NFL’s most impressive quarterback physically, but with the Panthers on a three-game winning streak, coach Matt Rhule says Bridgewater is one of the most impressive quarterbacks he’s seen mentally.

Rhule praised Bridgewater for his ability to read defenses, understand where the open receivers will be, anticipate the pass rush and gain a complete understanding of the offense in his first year in Carolina.

Teddy is elite at knowing where to go with the ball,” said Rhule, via the Charlotte Observer. “He’s one of the best pocket movement guys I’ve ever been around. . . . And he’s so smart. He has tremendous expectation and understanding of what we’re trying to do.”

Bridgewater knows that when a team has a new quarterback, there’s one thing he can do to earn respect, and that’s what he’s done for the last three weeks: Win.

“I’m not here to really try to win people over,” Bridgewater said. “The only way I’m trying to win them over is by winning football games.”

27 responses to “Matt Rhule says Teddy Bridgewater has elite intelligence

  1. Listen, Teddy is the reason they’re 3-2, not the head coach. NFL Mic’d up had Rhule sounding like the typical rookie head coach panicking, micromanaging and nitpicking. Teddy basically told him, “Relax, I’ve got this.”

    He’s a steadying force and players like playing with him. I give credit to the overall coaching staff for coaching up the team, to Teddy for being the leader, and to a hungry Mike Davis running hard. Good luck to them, rooting for Teddy.

  2. This is not a knock on Teddy. But isn’t Rhules history in college? Is this not his first NFL QB? By definition, only the elite make it to Teddys position

  3. Everyone who knows football knows this. What does that tell you about Zimmer and Spielman?

  4. I was in the camp of signing Bridgewater over Brady. The Bucs would’ve signed him if Brady had went somewhere else. Of course Brady is looking good here but he’s done after next year or sooner. Bridge has looked solid too and will be around for a long time.

  5. Have to admit, with talk of Bridgewater to Tampa if Brady falls through during off-season – I was less than enthused about that idea. Having Brady here for the next few yrs and all the national attention it gets is fun but it’s temporary. Hindsight is 20/20 of course but man Carolina really hit a home run. Good for them. They are much more likeable now with Teddy ball game and with what Matt Rhule is doing. They have a dang good team and a very underrated receiving trio

  6. Vikings were fools to move on from Teddy and pay big money to Cousins. They made the biggest mistake in pro sports…convincing themselves they were “one player away” from greatness.

  7. Panthers Fan who loved Cam.
    I still miss cam, but Teddy is growing on me.
    My biggest problem with Cam was holding on to the ball too long. It paid off sometimes, but too often the rush eventually brought him down. Keeping drives alive leads to success. People knock Brady and other “check down” QBs, but keeping drives alive wins games and gets points.

  8. Vikings screwed up big time, letting Teddy walk because their doctors said he wouldn’t be the same player. They were actually right, he’s not the same, he’s better than ever!

  9. Looking back, the Vikings could’ve kept Bridgewater for a used tractor and four bushels of apples……and he wanted to stay! Instead, the Vikings went out and sold the farm to purchase a “guarantee” for success.

  10. The Vikings nearly killed his career. It’s nice to see him overcoming that terrible piece of history.

  11. In the 2018 draft with Teddy Bridgewater on the roster, The Jets traded 6th, 37th, 49th overall picks and 2nd round pick for 2019 to the Colts for the 3rd overall pick and got Sam Darnold. I bet the Jets wish they kept Teddy Bridgewater and those draft picks.

  12. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 16, 2020 at 11:28 am

    In the 2018 draft with Teddy Bridgewater on the roster, The Jets traded 6th, 37th, 49th overall picks and 2nd round pick for 2019 to the Colts for the 3rd overall pick and got Sam Darnold. I bet the Jets wish they kept Teddy Bridgewater and those draft picks.
    And then what? The Jets would have either chosen the wrong players with all those picks, or chosen great players who then would force their way out of NY.

  13. Too bad you didn’t trust him week one…6 runs to close out the game…next time on the last play of the game, at least let him check out of a 4th and 1 dive to the FB that you ran earlier in the game.

  14. Imagine if a Professional in the business made all their decisions based on feedback from Fans, the umpteen amount of talking heads we have today, self proclaimed expert bloggers, Twitter trolls and Media experts? There would be no Professional left..that’s why they do what they do and YOU do what you do…..

  15. Got news for you unprofessional – Brady averaged more air yards than cam ever did. You surely must have Brady confused with Drew Brees…

  16. I have been a fan of Teddy ever since reading he, while with the Saints, would come in on the team day off to sit with the secondary while the secondary studied film, offering his opinion of what the offense was trying to do, what the qb/offense looked for on a particular play, answer questions, etc. He also apparently spent time each week with the other defense position groups. Maybe several players do similar things, but that was the first time I had read (or remembered reading) of such activity by a player.

  17. I’m a TeddyB fan…he saved our bacon last year. Hated to see him leave but happy for him. He was always a steady, calm type of cat with a cerebral game.. But over the last 2 years he got a Ph.D. in quarterback play from the best coach and qb duo in history. Kudos to Carolina for grabbing Coach Brady from the Saints via LSU to pair him with. This team will finish 2nd in the division and make the playoffs.

  18. I’ll admit he’s a lot better than I thought he was. Then again, the Vikings are not exactly renowned for their ability to bring out the best in a player (on or off the field).

  19. For the record, the Vikings didn’t really choose between Bridgewater and Cousins. For the start of 2018 preparation, they had zero QB’s under contract. The QBs with recent team history were: Case Keenum- (nice 2017 season in relief of Sam Bradford, but not viewed as a long term solution.) Teddy Bridgewater- (Threw 2 passes since 2015. Nearly lost his leg in 2016 training camp injury. Looked rough in some 2017 mop-up duty.) Sam Bradford- (brought in for 2016 after Bridgewater injury. Played well in 2016, and for one game in 2017, but suffered yet another serious knee injury.) Again, none of these were under contract.

    Cousins’ availability in free agency for 2018 was clearly the best possible option. He beat New Orleans, with Bridgewater as backup, in the 2019 playoffs. Teddy having some success 4+ years, and 3 teams after his major injury with the Vikings is great, but Minnesota had to move on, and have won a few playoff games without him. If anyone should be ridiculed for letting him go, it’s New Orleans, who let him walk after winning a bunch of games in relief for Brees.

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