Pepsi still plans for a Super Bowl halftime show

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There may be no fans present for the Super Bowl, but if there’s a Super Bowl, there will still be a concert at halftime of it.

Earlier this week, Pepsi’s head of sports marketing Justin Toman confirmed that there will indeed be a Super Bowl halftime show.

Speaking at the virtual Intersport Brand Innovation Summit, Toman made it clear that the halftime show, sponsored by Pepsi, will be ready to go.

“We believe if there is a game, even if there’s not a game, candidly, there will be an appetite by about a 100 million or so of our closest friends to want to see something,” Toman said, via Sports Business Daily. “And so I think the halftime has typically provided that just mass entertainment vehicle, mass engagement vehicle.”

Obviously, the 100 million or so will be tuning in only if there’s a game. Despite any bluster, there surely won’t be a halftime show if there’s no second and third quarter of a football game wrapped around it.

AC/DC already has been linked to the performance, and for good reason. Someone associated with the band and/or its label surely forked over plenty of dollars to the NFL to recently help promote the band’s new album, and it’s become clear in recent years that the league doesn’t hire a band as much as partner with it, reportedly getting a piece of record sales or concert revenues in exchange for giving the artist a crack at the biggest stage in all of music.

So, yes, if there’s a Super Bowl, there will be a Super Bowl halftime performance, because it’s never about the fans in attendance — and it’s always about the nine-figure audience that remains glued to the TV for the mini-concert that breaks out amid a football game.

14 responses to “Pepsi still plans for a Super Bowl halftime show

  1. Geezzz Mike, you’re such a negative Nellie on the NFL anymore. “If there’s a game”… seriously? Yes, there will be a game. It might be in March, but there will be a game. Way, Way too much $$$$ to not finish the NFL season.

  2. Never thought I’d see WASP brought up on these boards. I’m sure “Animal” would go over great

  3. Rumor has it that AC/DC’s entire set will consist of one song – “Money Talks”.
    AC/DC I love ya, but the band should really RIP.

  4. If there’s a superbowl, if there’s a halftime show, no fans. Some of you are such freaks with your dramatic, insufferable outlook. Just bound and determined to bring others down. You’re clutching pearls, scared, so therefore everyone else needs to feel the same as you

  5. Shame on the NFL for never booking Van Halen. SO MANY fun songs. But please …give us more bands with songs NOBODY knows.

  6. Every year, they rush around to set up and break down some giant set on the football field for a halftime show. If there are no fans, can’t they do the halftime show in the parking lot and keep the field clean for the players?

    Oh, and AC/DC? Yeah, that’ll really bring in the youth demographic the NFL is supposedly all hot for.

  7. Iron Maiden would fix the NFL and America or even better WASP.
    Oh wow, got some metal heads up in here. Can you imagine Blackie Lawless drinking fake blood from a skull or a 12 ft Eddie prancing across the stage!? Lol, people would forget about Janet Jackson real fast.

    AC/DC is a great choice though.

  8. Oh, and AC/DC? Yeah, that’ll really bring in the youth demographic the NFL is supposedly all hot for
    Seriously? Would you rather see Billie Eilish? It doesn’t get better than AC/DC for rock fans. Back in Black is timeless.

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