Rams DC: Jalen Ramsey is like LeBron James, can play any position

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In his first season as defensive coordinator of the Rams, Brandon Staley is doing everything in his power to put Jalen Ramsey in a position to succeed.

Staley says he doesn’t even view Ramsey as a cornerback but as the “star” position in the Rams, defense, and Staley even compared Ramsey to LeBron James in terms of what he’s capable of doing.

“Jalen Ramsey is a natural player at star,” Staley said, via SI.com. “I think that anybody that knows his game going back from when he was in high school knows that this is what he’s capable of doing. I see him like a LeBron James is used on the basketball court, where he’s a position-less player. He plays some point guard, he plays some three, he plays some four, he guards fives and he’s what his team needs to be in that particular game in order for them to be successful.

Staley said the star position requires far more of Ramsey than is required of a cornerback.

“It’s a position that kind of combines several different skillsets,” Staley said. “You’re a little bit of a corner, you’re a little bit of a safety, a little bit of a linebacker — inside linebacker and outside linebacker because you’re kind of a rusher too.”

Through five games in a new defense, Ramsey is doing everything asked of him.