Ron Rivera reiterates that he hasn’t quit on Dwayne Haskins

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The Washington Football Team has decided that for the time being last year’s first-round pick Dwayne Haskins is no longer suited to be their starting quarterback.

As he did a week ago after making the move, Washington head coach Ron Rivera insists that doesn’t mean he’s given up on Haskins.

Again, as I said, I have not quit on the kid as far as his development,” Rivera said, via Ethan Cadeaux of NBC Sports Washington. “This is an opportunity for him to continue to learn and grow and develop.”

Haskins made four starts for Washington this season before the team pivoted to Kyle Allen for last week’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. Haskins was inactive for the game due to an illness that has kept him away from the team this week as well and not available to play when Allen was injured. Alex Smith took over for the remainder of last week’s 30-10 loss instead.

Even though Washington is 1-4 through the first five weeks of the season, they find themselves in the thick of the NFC East race because the division is horrendous. The best team so far, the Dallas Cowboys, just lost their starting quarterback for the season in Dak Prescott as well. So a 2020 season that appeared to be a full-on reset for Washington as Rivera tries to patch up the moribund franchise has instead turned to hopes of winning now. For that task, Allen – who was with Rivera in Carolina – appears the preferred option.

“The thing that we’ve done is we’ve looked at where we are and said: ‘Hey, these guys give us a better chance to win right now because they know what we do, they understand the system and they’ve been in the system,'” Rivera said.

But it’s a bit of a raw deal for Haskins in the interim. While he certainly hasn’t seized hold of an opportunity to start as Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert and even Gardner Minshew has over the past few seasons, he hasn’t been set up to succeed either. The head coach and front office that drafted him last year are already gone and if Rivera wants to find a new quarterback to tie his tenure to, he’ll likely be given the latitude to do so as Kliff Kingsbury was in Arizona with Kyler Murray.

For now, it means that Rivera will continue to say they believe in the future of Haskins in Washington. Even if doing so is to keep the price tag for a potential trade of Haskins as high as possible.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera reiterates that he hasn’t quit on Dwayne Haskins

  1. “Hasn’t been set up to succeed”? What a ridiculous statement. The coaching staff watches this guy in practice and games and has decided the backup is better. That’s all that needs to be said. It’s not like Kyle Allen is a budding star so that the coaches think he gives them a better chance to win means Haskins stinks. Period.

  2. Yea, you pretty much quit on him. There is no other way to spin this.

    I’m sure you think you have to say this but we all know you are trying to trade him before the deadline.

  3. So does this mean the Haskins “stomach ache” is better? Is he still third in the QB order? Poor Washington fans….

  4. Not so bold prediction: Ron will be fire at the end of the season. Nobody benches Danny’s 1 round draft choices.

  5. Rivera set Haskins up to fail. It was totally irresponsible for Rivera to completely fail at building up a terrible offensive line in the off season. Haskins, because of COVID, wouldn’t get an extended off-season program with live reps to learn the system. Rivera knew that. Still, he threw Haskins to the wolves.

    Anybody who understands football knew exactly what would happen to Haskins.

  6. He could learn from Alex Smith like Mahomes in Kansas City. But unlike in Kansas City with an offensive minded coach Andy Reid, Rivera is a defensive minded coach. I don’t foresee much development for Haskins. Unfortunately his career maybe over before it even started.

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