After testing positive, Nick Saban has two negative COVID-19 tests

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Alabama coach Nick Saban has COVID-19. Unless he doesn’t.

Three days ago, Saban announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus. ESPN now reports that he tested negative on Thursday and again on Friday.

Saban submitted a third sample on Saturday. If it returns negative, the positive from Wednesday will be regarded as a false positive under SEC guidelines. That would allow Saban to coach on Saturday night when No. 2 Alabama faces No. 3 Georgia.

Saban is asymptomatic, which further points to the possibility that he doesn’t have it.

5 responses to “After testing positive, Nick Saban has two negative COVID-19 tests

  1. These guys arent eben getting sick, just testing positive, lets end the charade already. I wonder who and how its determined who in the world tests positive.

  2. “If it (the Sat. test) returns negative…”

    As if there’s any doubt about that…if they had this on the line in Las Vegas, there wouldn’t be a single bet against it.

  3. Strange how this is happening a lot these days … testing positive for only one test and then retesting only to get a negative.

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