Jon Bon Jovi swears off Buffalo after failed effort to buy the Bills

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Before the man who currently is trying to win a second term as president decided to pursue a first term as president, he pursued purchasing the Buffalo Bills. And the effort to pursue purchasing the Bills entailed boxing out other potential buyers.

For Donald Trump’s effort to buy the Bills, one of the biggest competitors became a group that included Jon Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi reflects on the experience in a new GQ article. Among other things, Bon Jovi provides a sound bite that is resonating through the region: “I will never go back to Buffalo, New York.”

The comments came during a pre-pandemic interview, and it includes Bon Jovi reflecting on his effort to buy the Bills, including the efforts of Trump to hire Republican operative Michael Caputo to launch a grassroots effort to trash Bon Jovi’s group by selling the idea that they’d move the team to Toronto. (Trump also inflated his net worth to $4.26 billion to boost the bid, as Trump’s former attorney testified in a Congressional hearing last year.)

Bon Jovi’s group tried to push back, but ultimately they couldn’t compete with eventual purchaser Terry Pegula.

“We showed up with a billion three, sitting there with a [check],” Bon Jovi said. “And we could have easily bought it at any price. We didn’t get to get back in the room. [Pegula] said, ‘What do I have to do to not leave this table without owning the team?'”

Bon Jovi still holds a grudge over the issue, even if it may be a little misguided. (Grudges are rarely logical, which is one of the reasons why they’re so much fun.)

“I won’t ever go back to the city of Buffalo,” Bon Jovi said. “You will never see my face in Buffalo ever. I have knocked it off the map.”

We’ll assume that’s a joke, an exaggeration. The people of Buffalo had nothing to do with whatever was done to let Pegula buy the team for $1.4 billion. (Then again, grudges are rarely logical.)

In the six years since the failed effort to buy the Bills, however, Bon Jovi has honored his word. His group last played a concert in the area (Darien, roughly 30 miles from Buffalo) in 2013. The band hasn’t returned to the vicinity since then, bypassing Buffalo/Darien/Western New York on both North American legs of the 2017-19 This House Is Not For Sale tour.

But the band did play in Toronto. Twice.

39 responses to “Jon Bon Jovi swears off Buffalo after failed effort to buy the Bills

  1. As if the entire city had something to do with him not being able to purchase the bills. Sounds like a child pouting.

  2. Bon Jovi’s group was “living on a prayer” it just didn’t work out, stop pouting!

  3. It sounds like Pegula outmaneuvered Trump and Bon Jovi’s group as he indeed did not “leave the table” without owning the team.
    The data on Trump’s assets does show an increase of $4 billion, but that was all attributable to an item labelled “brand value”. This must have been an estimate and is not something a bank would typically take into consideration as it is not a “hard” asset.

  4. His partner was Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and their proposal to the league included sites for new stadiums in Ontario.

  5. You get outbid sometimes. That’s just business. Seems silly to hold a grudge against a city when you could make money there still if you choose to.

  6. So let me get this straight. The article says Bon Jovi shows up with a check for 1.3 billion. The current owner showed up with 100 million more (1.4 million dollar check) and bought the team. 100 million dollars is not chump change. Now Bon Jovi comes back and says “he could have easily bought the team at any price”. If so, why didn’t the doofus just show up with that larger check?? Just another spoiled celebrity who throws a tantrum when not getting their way. Trump has no problem going back to Buffalo even though he too lost out.

    Exactly how is the moral of the story “Bon Jovi honoring his word” and not “Bon Jovi is a spoiled brat disguised in the body of an adult”?

  7. Bon Jovi goes from stadiums and arenas to playing county fairs and oversized bars, and NOW he is going to knock Buffalo off the map?? lol.

  8. The citizens of Buffalo thank you. So now go get some more plastic surgery….you look fantastic and no one can tell…….really!!!

  9. When I was a kid I saved all my money to buy a BonJovi CD.
    When I went to the store finally, the person in front of me bought the last BonJovi CD That I wanted:

    Curse you Bon Jovi
    Just for that, I will never listen to your music again.

    See how dumb that sounds?

  10. Which is particularly strange because Buffalo is one of the types of places that might actually still like his crappy music

  11. Bon Jovi just got a taste of bad medicine.
    He doesn’t want Buffalo, dead or alive now.
    His hopes of owning the team were living on a prayer and were shot down in a blaze of glory.
    He still has lots of money so he should just go to sleep soundly tonight on a bed of roses.
    I can’t tell him to not hold a grudge because he would just respond saying, “It’s my life!”.

  12. Bon Jovi always wanted Springsteen’s talent and now, apparently, wants McCartney’s money.

  13. Buffalo, Bon Jovie and Donald Trump. Good God, why did I click on this article?

  14. billsmafia772 says:
    October 17, 2020 at 11:27 am
    When I was a kid I saved all my money to buy a BonJovi CD.
    When I went to the store finally, the person in front of me bought the last BonJovi CD That I wanted: Curse you Bon Jovi Just for that, I will never listen to your music again.
    See how dumb that sounds?

    You’re right. That does sound dumb. Mostly because the analogy would be that you would not go back to that record store, not buy another Bon Jovi CD.

  15. Jon..SO YOU WERE GOING to move the team to TORONTO?…you can tell because you lost out on a business deal and now trash an entire city and region. Lucky for Buffalo they won’t ever see you again

  16. Is that supposed to be a punishment for Buffalo?
    Listen to his new single: this is what we call a “player with declining skills”.
    Jennifer Nettles can’t even help him.

    Jon goofed on the city on a podcast a couple weeks ago, he’s clearly not over getting priced out of being an NFL owner. Jon, go collect your royalty checks, call the CFL and stop being a baby.

  17. Bon Jovi mentioned in the same breath as Springsteen and McCartney. Dear god, my eyes

  18. So Jon Bon Jovi says he won’t ever come to Buffalo again.

    This is a huge story….FORTY YEARS AGO!!

    Who frickin cares about Jon Bon Jovi anyway? He hasn’t been relevant since MTV was!

  19. I’m so bored with celebrities always threatening to not go somewhere or to move out of the country yadda yadda yadda. Go. Or don’t go. Nobody cares.

  20. Just as well. It’s highly doubtful that Bon Jovi would have come close to making the kind of civic contributions to Buffalo that Pegula did. Pegula has poured a lot of his own money into improving the area and has invested in real estate. I don’t know if Bon Jovi would have spent his own dime on new locker rooms and team workout facilities.

  21. It’s a bit difficult to feel bad for a guy that can raise over 4 BILLION dollars….while millions of Americans have no jobs and are standing in food lines, just to survive.

  22. Rewriting History. Bon Jovi was part of a group and he wanted to be the Managing partner, which requires you to own the most shares in the partnership. His share was $ 300 Million, so his group could only go to $ 800 Million. Trump bid $ 1 Billion, Pegula’s bid $ 1.3 Billion.
    Sold ! Ralph Wilson put in his will that preference would be given to owners who would keep the team in Buffalo. Toronto is only 90 miles from Buffalo and people travel between the two cities regularly.
    The Toronto Star ran an article and picture of Bon Jovi looking at sites for a New Stadium. Team goes to thee Pegulas, no further offers accepted from Bon Jovi.
    When Buffalo fans saw the article, radio stations, bars etc stopped playing Bon Jovi. We hated him first. Nice try Bon Jovi.

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