Adam Gase “wasn’t happy” about Gregg Williams’ comments

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Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said on Friday that the team’s average of 32-plus points allowed is “not a very good number and a lot of it’s not all defensively” before adding that reporters would have to figure out where to put the rest of the blame.

The natural assumption is that it would be the offense run by head coach Adam Gase and CBS announcers Andrew Catalon and James Lofton said Gase expressed unhappiness about it in a Saturday production meeting. Per the announcers, Gase said “everyone needs to shut up and play.”

In a press conference after Sunday’s 24-0 loss to the Dolphins, Gase was asked about Williams’ comments and his comments to CBS.

“We talked about it,” Gase said. “I think he was trying to talk about complementary football, three phases playing together. . . . I wasn’t happy about it. Right now, our players are doing such a good job trying to get things righted. Everything we say matters. We have to set the right example.”

Gase reiterated that he’s not worried about being fired by the Jets after a sixth straight loss and continues to be focused on getting his team on track after a disastrous start to the season.

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  1. I don’t think there is any chance of Gase coming back. If he has not lost the confidence of the team, there is no way the Jets can lure any free agents with him as coach. Between what happened with Adams and Bell, no player will want to play for Gase. Aside from one running back. Gase had similar issues in Miami and a lot of the players he got rid of found new life elsewhere. Its pretty concerning that Tannenhill is so much better in a new system. I am curious to see what Bell does with the Chiefs. As a Jets fan I want to see him do well to make Gase look even worse.

    The only real question now is whether the Jets would fire the GM and the head coach or just the coach. I am sure Gase is done, but the only thing up in the air is about their GM Joe Douglas. I think the big issue is the Jets were built to be miserable by their two prior GMs and sadly are going to bottom out–they need help everywhere. Douglas signed a six year deal, and he did not get to hire Gase. So I gotta think he will survive.

    But its the Jets, they could fire the GM and keep Gase. Its worrisome since the Dolphins cleaned out to dump salary and veterans to rebuild as fast as possible and it seems to be paying off already. Jets always seem to be rebuilding.

    But, if the Bills can improve after Rex Ryan, then…maybe the Jets can also.

  2. Darnold is obviously not the issue. The Jets need to clear house – Williams defense sucks just as much. The “Talent” on the roster is atrocious. Poor o-line, poor RBs, poor LBs, Poor secondary, poor d-line. I’d fire Gase and Williams asap.

  3. unbridledsexy says:
    October 18, 2020 at 7:46 pm
    What a train wreck of an organization the jets have become.

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    The football gods are punishing them for Framegate I.

  4. Adam Gase was made famous by Peyton Manning. He has no business being a head coach, just as Woody Johnson has no business making football decisions. Jets will be terrible as long as Woody is involved in any football decisions whatsoever.

  5. The Jets were a disaster before Gates and they will be after Gates…..just like they are with Gates.

  6. touchback6 says:
    The football gods are punishing them for Framegate I.

    Anyone who uses the term, let alone believes in “football gods” can’t and shouldn’t be taken seriously — about anything.
    However, if I did believe in such a thing I might be tempted to think said “gods” were also dispensing their peculiar brand of justice on the sub-.500 team (with the running back behind center) in Foxboro.

  7. Pats fan needs new material…post something different for a change or worry about the mess that NE is.

  8. When you have Cancer on a team and the top person does nothing about it’ then there is no cure for stupid. What a smart owner would be smart to do is CLEAN HOUSE. Bill

  9. The Jets need to keep Gase for more games to ensure 0-16.
    What the point in going 3-13 and not getting the top pick?

  10. Its obvious the Jets and Giants may want Lawrence but would they truly give up on Darnold and Jones ?

  11. Gase has a phenomenally poor record as a head coach. Gregg Williams shouldn’t even be allowed to coach after Bountygate. A match made in heaven (or hell).

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