Baker Mayfield out, Case Keenum in for Browns

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We noted before today’s game in Pittsburgh that Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield might not be able to finish, and it turns out he didn’t.

Mayfield was pulled in the third quarter with the Browns trailing the Steelers 31-7. Mayfield was clearly affected by the rib injury that had him listed as questionable for the game on the injury report. Mayfield finished the game completing 10 of 18 passes for 119 yards, with one touchdown, two interceptions and four sacks.

Case Keenum will play the rest of the way for the Browns, who turned in a very disappointing performance in one of their biggest games in years.

21 responses to “Baker Mayfield out, Case Keenum in for Browns

  1. Finally, they should have done it in the 1st half. Play calling can only cover up so much.

  2. Honestly, they have such a good run game, they need a guy like Case keenum to just play smart and manage the game. They can’t have a QB going out there tossing multiple interceptions a game. I believe if he was given first team reps he would play better than Baker.

  3. Steelers fan from afar. I was wondering if they would play up and above the Browns or play down to them. Looks like they creamed them. Nice.

  4. Mayfield looked terrible today. If teams stop the Browns run and force Mayfield to throw the ball then that’s how you beat the Browns.

  5. Nine Pittsburgh players recorded a pressure in the first half according to game stats? That sounds like a lot. Ben isn’t having a great day but no turnovers and having a solid run is making the difference.

    Go Steelers!

  6. Selfish qb (was what I was trying to write), puts his desire to play above his teams need to win.

    Mayfield had no business in this game and he and Stefanski both knew it.

    Thanks for the humiliation guys.

  7. Running back Kareem Hunt said the Browns will rally around Garrett on Sunday.

    “This one’s for Myles,” Hunt said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “This one’s for Cleveland. This one’s for a lot of things.”

    So that’s what a rally looks like.

  8. Baker clearly shouldn’t have been out there at all. Gave the Browns NO chance

  9. I correctly predicted that upon Ben’s return the Steelers would destroy the rest of the AFC North. The Browns were shown once again to be complete FRAUDS. Nothing is wrong with Baker he just wanted no part of that D. Get ready Ratbird fans. The Bell tolls for thee.

  10. We are still 4-2 with wins over some good teams. COuld have been a different story with Nick Chubb. Oh well. A lot of season left. The Browns beat themselves today. Pitt did not look good either. Pitt better pick up the play with three hard road games coming up. Could be 5-3 at mid season. 6-2 If they are lucky. Mason is still looking good on the bench. Where he belongs. Good early pick by the Steelers. Glad he will have the reigns after Big Ben visits another bathroom stall with a drunk girl. Still classy in the Burgh!

  11. Plain and simple BUTT Whooping… Steelers Lines on boths sides controlled the game.

  12. Cleveland (klev-lend) verb – to turn in a very disappointing performance in one of their biggest games in years

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