Bears go to 5-1 with win in Carolina

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It hasn’t always been pretty for the Bears this year, and it wasn’t today, either. But Chicago is 5-1.

Today the Bears beat the Panthers 23-16 despite Nick Foles managing just 198 yards on 39 pass attempts, and the running game averaging just 2.5 yards per carry. But the Bears’ defense shut down Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Davis, and that was enough.

Chicago took an early lead and never looked back, and although the Panthers made a game of it late in the fourth quarter, they weren’t able to do enough. The Panthers’ last, best chance ended when Teddy Bridgewater attempted a late fourth-down deep ball to D.J. Moore, who just missed a chance to make a leaping catch. The Panthers did get the ball again, but Bridgewater threw an interception to end it.

The Bears still look like a long shot to beat out the Panthers in the NFC North, but there’s no doubt that Chicago is a favorite for a wild card berth. The Panthers are better than most people expected them to be, but they still have some big issues on offense, and they’re probably not a contender in Matt Rhule’s first season.

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  1. The NFL schedule does not have the Bears and Packers meeting until quite late in the season – twice.

    The way both teams have started the season, those two games look to be epic.

    Black & Blue Division football.

    Go! Pack! Go!

    Bear down Bears!

  2. It ain’t pretty, but he is winning. with a defense like they have all they need is someone that can do just enough to win the game and not make the dumb plays that lose it. Foles seems to be that guy.

  3. Bears win #5 but Nagy shows some coaching confusion in their last possession and gets bailed out by an interception. The run game still is weak and against better teams it will haunt them.

  4. Nagy needs to give up play calling. They need to get a couple O Tackles that are road graders for next season. Replace Danny T with another Ro Smith and Super Bowl, Super Bears.

  5. Again, the Bears overcome questionable reffing, to put it mildly. Got called for a PI on Fuller that was bad and wiped out a pick 6. It was the exact same play that was a no call on Robinson in the first half that would have given the Bears 1st and goal at the 5. Then the refs make up a phantom PI penalty to gift Carolina 7 points in the 4th quarter. The Bears continue to overcome getting hosed by the refs every week and find ways to get Ws!

  6. Take care of him Chicago. Believe it! Once he has confidence, it’s all he needs.
    Good luck the rest of the way. We miss him Prove em all wrong again Nick (including eagles brass)

    -An Eagles Fan

  7. Mack continues to lead the Bears into a playoff berth as the head of that monster defense. The only thing Gruden recognizes is his colossal mistake by trading Mack for four wasted draft picks and no QB or defense!

    Obviously the Raiders need help on defense, terrible drafting and regardless of the position the Raiders will never get over losing Mack. There is no substitute for offensive schemes having to be altered to deal with Khalil Mack.

  8. Bears are winning in spite of Nick Foles. Not because of him. His lack of production as a starter is concerning.

  9. Nick’s post game zoom monologue is exactly what you want to see. He realizes they’re lucky to be 5–1 and that they have a lot of work to do. I like the culture and demeanor of this team right now. Maybe, just maybe…

  10. What’s funny is. People point to Foles’ numbers. Yup they weren’t great but they won. Just checking that is the name of the game right?

    I guess if his last name was Tebow the masses would be falling all over him. At least Nick can throw.

  11. Another week and another game where if you close your eyes you don’t know if Mitch or Nick is playing. Its funny when they were winning with mitch the QB needed to be changed, now foles is making the exact same stupid mistakes throwing dumb INTs all over the place and people say oh well, we won so were not going to worry about it. LOL. Foles has been in the league twice as long as Mitch and makes the exact same bonehead plays.

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