Derrick Henry leads Titans to OT win after questionable Romeo Crennel decision


The Texans had a chance to give the Titans their first loss of the season. They couldn’t close it out, losing 42-36 in overtime.

Romeo Crennel’s questionable decision on the two-point conversion with 1:50 remaining will be dissected all week. The Texans scored on a 1-yard pass from Deshaun Watson to Brandin Cooks to give them a 36-29 lead.

Crennel bypassed the PAT and a chance to go up eight and instead Watson’s pass to Randall Cobb fell incomplete, leaving Houston with a seven-point lead and leaving the Titans with plenty of time.

The Titans marched 76 yards in nine plays, using up 1:46 of the 1:50 left on the clock. A.J. Brown‘s 7-yard touchdown catch from Ryan Tannehill was upheld by replay, and Stephen Gostkowski‘s PAT sent the game to overtime.

The Texans never saw the ball in overtime.

Derrick Henry had a 53-yard reception in the six-play, 82-yard drive and scored the game-winning touchdown on third down a 5-yard run after taking the direct snap. The Titans moved to 5-0, while the Texans fell to 1-5.

Henry ran for a 94-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter and finished with 212 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries, while catching two passes for 52 yards.

Tannehill went 30-of-41 for 364 yards, but threw an interception and lost a fumble on a strip-sack by J.J. Watt. That helped the Texans get back in it.

22 responses to “Derrick Henry leads Titans to OT win after questionable Romeo Crennel decision

  1. I actually like to call to go for it. You play to win the game. He trusted DeShaun Watson to put the game out of reach and he just failed to do it. The absolute collapse of the defense is the reason they lost the game. Seems like he knew what was going to happen anyways. So you make it a two score game and put it out of reach.

  2. I loved the move. If you convert the 2 point conversion it is 9 points so the game is over. If you don’t, they still need a touchdown to force overtime. Your defense SHOULD be able to keep them out of the end zone with a minute on the clock.

  3. It’s only ‘questionable’ when it doesn’t work. These decisions are made every week. If it works you’re a genius, if it doesn’t then PFT will ‘question’ your decision.

  4. This was a fantastic game great QB play by Watson and Tannehill. Also Derrick Henry is an absolute beast of a running back.

  5. Texans should have kicked the extra point.
    Titans were lucky, got away with a procedure penalty on the Brown TD …

  6. I’m guessing the fact that the Texans were 1-4, against the division leader, had something to do with the call. Why not take a chance? It’s not like things are happening for them right now anyway.

  7. I liked the call. They aren’t going anywhere this year anyway. He wanted to end it right there. No problem with the call at all. If they had converted all the talking heads would be singing his praises all week saying what a genius he is and how he showed guts.

  8. Derrick Henry runs like an old school runner!

    Aggressive, decisive, and punishing runner. He makes that Titans offense go! Tannehill looks like a franchise QB since coming to Tennessee as well!

    Texans can score but can’t play defense worth a darn.

  9. Despite the huge Henry game, Tannehill should be in the early discussion for MVQB.

  10. If Texans kicked the extra point, they would be up by 8 and forced the Titans to punch it in TWICE! The point is that Houston essentially was impossible to lose in regulation, if they kicked that extra point. Terrible decision. Analytics without context is killing the game!

  11. I don’t understand why anyone would criticize Crennel for going for 2. He gets the two then he has an iron clad 9 point lead. Misses then he is still up 7 with 1:50 left for the Titans who must score a touchdown to and pat to tie or 2pt to win.

    You’re on offense for a reason. Go on the offensive.

  12. Classic case of overthinking. Kick the PAT, you’re up 8, forcing a TD and 2-pt conversion just to tie. Winning outright is still taken away from the other team and even tying would require an unlikely series of events.

    Sure, get the 2 and the game is over. But that’s needlessly impatient.

  13. Mindblowing bad call to not go up by 8. Can’t believe he is the coach.

  14. Hitting the extra point GUARANTEES the impossibility to lose in regulation! And putting the onus on the opponents to score TWICE just to tie it! What is there not to understand?! Trent Green was livid and I don’t blame him!

  15. That awkward moment when you realize that the Texans replace Freddy Krueger with JASON in terms of bad Coaches. When i saw him raise his fingers showing 2, I really thought he was giving a cool PEACE sign to his players and not actually thinking of going for 2 when he can go up by 8 with the extra point.

  16. Teams only convert 50% of 2 pt conversions

    That means the Texans only had a 50% shot to put the game away….however it also means that if they kicked the extra point the Titans only had a 50% chance of being able to tie it up.

    Should have kicked it

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