Giants stop two-point try to get first win of season

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Riverboat Ron Rivera had no interest in going to overtime, but he went home a loser.

Kyle Allen hit Cam Sims for a 22-yard touchdown with less than a minute to play in Sunday’s game against the Giants and an extra point would have tied the game at 20. Rivera opted to go for two points, however, and Allen threw an incompletion while under pressure.

Giants defensive back Logan Ryan fielded the ensuing onside kick cleanly and the Giants had their first win of the season. The 20-19 loss leaves the Washington Football Team with the same 1-5 record as their NFC East foe.

It was a 13-13 game in the fourth quarter when Kyler Fackrell sacked Allen and forced a fumble that Giants linebacker Tae Crowder returned 43 yards for a touchdown. The Football Team rallied for Allen’s touchdown pass, but it turned out to be too little too late.

The Giants led by 10 points in the first half and had a chance to go up by that amount at the end of a long third quarter drive, but Daniel Jones was intercepted by Kendall Fuller in the end zone. It looked like Jones was trying to throw the ball away, but he didn’t do a good job of it and his propensity for turnovers continues to be a problem for the Giants.

He did run for 74 yards and Devonta Freeman churned up 61 more as the Giants did their best work on the ground for most of the afternoon. The two turnovers forced by the defense helped cover for the Giants’ offensive shortcomings and they’ll try for a similar formula against the Eagles on Thursday night.

14 responses to “Giants stop two-point try to get first win of season

  1. With the Falcons and Giants getting their first wins of the season I have to believe the Jags are the favorite to get the #1 overall pick. I feel bad for Gardner Minshew. He has no shot because the Jags defense can’t stop a roll of toilet paper.

  2. Sometimes coaching is the difference in winning and losing, and in Ron’s case with the exception of the year he forgot to show up for the Superbowl he’s always good for a few losses a year. No matter the talent he’ll find a way to lose. He wasted Cam Newton in his prime, and then ruined him, and now he’s torturing Washington fans

  3. Just a beyond stupid call by Washington. They would have been lucky to even be in overtime as horribly as they played but then to get greedy and try to win it on one play was just nuts. They deserved to lose.

  4. Too late in the game to go for 2. No chance they get the ball back in regulation if they miss, which they did. I hope Ron doesn’t keep this up, might have to name this team the Washington Gamblers.

  5. We’ll see how Dallas does with Dalton later. With the big 3 WRs, he could be a great fit for them. And we’ll see how the Giants who’ve struggled for almost 10 years against Philly in primetime do Thursday. But Giants could find themselves stumbling into a playoff hunt because of their defense that really has zero elite pass rushers.

  6. Ron Rivera maybe aka riverboat Ron, he is well liked and well respected throughout the league. This however was not a good call and reeks of Snyder meddling, intentionally losing for improved draft status.

  7. Good thing Allen knows the system lol. It doesn’t matter who they have under center, Washington is bad. Should’ve just got Haskins the experience in your system.

  8. I can see going for 2 against the Chiefs, or a difficult team. But the Giants? Doesn’t make sense. (Am a Giants fan.)

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