Leonard Fournette is inactive for Sunday’s game vs. Packers

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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette, officially questionable with an ankle injury, was expected to active but limited on Sunday against the Packers. He will be even more limited than expected.

Fournette is inactive for the game that features only the third ever showdown between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

All of the team’s injured receivers are active for the game. That’s something that will help Brady score enough points to overcome a great offense in Green Bay.

Fournette has 123 rushing yards this year for Tampa. Of that total, 103 came in one game.

In Week Five, Fournette played but had no rushing attempts. He also was not targeted in the passing game.

5 responses to “Leonard Fournette is inactive for Sunday’s game vs. Packers

  1. Big surprise. This guy never plays half the time and even then he only plays half the time…at best. Is it any wonder the Jags cut him? The Jags may be a joke but they weren’t dumb enough to pay him just to sit on the bench (or be suspended) most of the time. He was lucky to get the Bucs to give him a $2.5M deal. He may have a hard time getting close to that next year.

  2. Kevin King being inactive obviously hurts the Packers defense, but let’s play. Brady has all his weapons. Let’s see what happens.

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