Romeo Crennel on going for two: I wanted to put it out of reach

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The Texans were up seven points after scoring a touchdown with 1:50 to play in Sunday’s game against the Titans, but interim head coach Romeo Crennel wasn’t content to extend that lead to eight with an extra point.

Crennel went for two, but a pass to Randall Cobb was incomplete and the Titans were able to drive down the field and tie the game on a touchdown with four seconds left. They would go on to win 42-36 on a Derrick Henry touchdown to cap their only possession of overtime.

The thought process behind going for two was one of the topics of Crennel’s postgame press conference.

“I wanted to go ahead and get the two points,” Crennel said. “I felt like that would kinda put it out of reach for them. If we’d have gotten it, we would have been in much better shape. As it turned out, we didn’t get it.”

One can never know how things would have played out if the Texans had kicked the extra point, but plenty in Houston likely wish they would have forced the Titans to get two to extend the game.

15 responses to “Romeo Crennel on going for two: I wanted to put it out of reach

  1. Just kick the extra point and force the Titans to have to score and get the two point conversion … the pressure was on them anyway. Tannehill had some turnovers but has led this team from behind in four of the five wins … deserves to be discussed for at least early MVQB but a long way to go …

  2. Coach, I don’t know what the % of the time your team ever makes these 2 pointers. Do you? You had their back against the wall as it was, didn’t you have trust in your defense to stop or at least hold them to a field goal. Weren’t you the defensive coordinater last week?

  3. Like Zimmer the week before in Seattle, instead of taking the obvious points, Crennel over thought it and lost the game. You can say after the fact that you wanted to win it, but that’s coach speak for I lost the game. Neither will be head coach of their teams in 2021.

  4. The Monday Morning QB is undefeated, yet he’s never been inside a stadium. I would be embarrassed to even attempt to second guess a coach for trying to win a game. I’ve never coached an NFL game in my life. Never even received an interview for a head coaching job. Yet I’m going to sit here and second guess a call after the outcome is known? That’s just laughable.

  5. The play was actually wide open. The WR came across the middle and was wide open. No defender within five yards. The QB just couldn’t complete the pass. That’s not on the coach. That QB gets paid a lot of money to complete that simple pass.

  6. Hitting the extra point then you are up by 8 points. EIGHT! That guarantees you cannot lose in regulation. And that puts the pressure on the opponents to score TWICE! It should have been an easy decision. These coaches can really outsmart themselves.

  7. Say what you want it was absolutely the wrong call. Having an 8 point lead is like having a 50 dollar bills in each of your back pockets. You get hit by a pickpocket you still got your other 50. Even if Tennessee scored they would no matter what still have to go for two and make it for it to mean anything. Crenell could’ve put his team in jeopardy after ten scored and decided to go for two but they didn’t. He essentially coached them to a lose with that nine head decision. No matter, the better team won.

  8. The most brutal part was how the Titans kicked the extra point to force OT–rather than going for 2 and the win–and then promptly marched right down in OT for the victory. Mathematically, you can argue teams would be ahead if they went for 2 every single time. But in the absence of that you should only do it when you have to. And the Texans didn’t have to and, in fact, would have been way better off with the near guaranteed 8-point lead.

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