Adam Gase: “We haven’t done anything well this year”

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When Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams appeared to blame the offense for how many points his defense has allowed this year, it raised a question of who’s responsible for how bad the Jets are. Head coach Adam Gase says it’s everyone.

We haven’t done anything well this year at all,” Gase said after the Jets lost 24-0 to the Dolphins on Sunday, via ESPN. “We just hurt ourselves so much. Last year, we trended in the right direction. We improved. . . . This year, we have to figure out a way to improve really quickly, from top to bottom, coaches, players, it doesn’t matter, everybody. We have to get things better.”

The Jets are 0-6, the league’s only winless team, but Gase said he’s not worried about his job.

“Nah, I’m not even thinking about it,” he said. “I have to focus on making sure our guys are ready to go when we get back in the building on Monday . . . and getting ready for this next game.”

Up next for the Jets is a game against the Bills. And likely an 0-7 record.

10 responses to “Adam Gase: “We haven’t done anything well this year”

  1. Willful ignorance? Cognitive dissonance? Whatever it is that is going to make Gase the FORMER head coach of the Jets, I know that the fans of the Pats, Bills and Fins are going to miss him.

  2. The Jets have taken over from the Browns as the most dysfunctional team in sports. The Jags are a close second with Doug Marrone.

    It still boggles the mind how they let the last GM spent big on free agents and then hire a coach that no one wanted and who doesn’t want the free agents who were just signed to huge contracts before firing him.

    Is there even an assistant coach that would be worthy of taking over for the rest of the year? The answer is no, there is no accountability in that coaching staff and a complete lack of self awareness.

  3. If only they could hire a person whose job it is to make the team pay well. They would probably pay him several million dollars.

  4. “Gase said he’s not worried about his job.”

    Why does he still *have* a job? He wasn’t a good head coach with the Dolphins, and he’s a disaster with the Jets. Unless the goal is to ride Gase all the way to the #1 overall pick, I can’t see why he hasn’t been fired yet.

  5. Gase isn’t worried about his job because the owner is inept.
    He never should have been hired and the only reason not to fire him is to go 0 – 16.

  6. All the people asking why he still has a job…come on. He is doing *exactly* what ownership wants him to be doing. Ownership wants to play this year off like it is “trying” to win games while simultaneously losing enough games to get Trevor Lawrence. Best way to do that is to let this inept fool keep coaching. Once you have secured the rights to draft Lawrence, then you fire Gase and bring in what you consider the real brains of the operation. Now, the Jets will probably mess this up too, but so far everything is going as planned.

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