Antonio Brown can return in two weeks

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The NFL in 2020 quickly has become divided into haves and have nots. One of the haves could soon have a pretty good receiver on the roster.

Antonio Brown will be eligible to practice and play in only two weeks.

Punished with an eight-game suspension for multiple off-field issues but not entirely cleared for a sexual assault/rape lawsuit filed against him last year, Brown must sit out eight weeks (or, if signed by a team, eight games, which depending on bye weeks could be nine weeks).

If unsigned two weeks from now, Brown can ink a contract and immediately join a team.

It’s unclear whether and to what extent he’ll generate interest. The fact that he can already be signed but remains available suggests that the wait may continue beyond November 2.

Last year, the Saints brought him in for a visit late in the regular season. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reportedly has jostled for A.B., but head coach B.A. seemingly wants nothing to do with Brown, given the overlap of their time together in Pittsburgh.

The Seahawks have flirted with the idea of signing Brown in the past. They’ve reunited with Josh Gordon, who has yet to be cleared by the league to return after his latest substance-abuse suspension. Ravens players have expressed interest (possibly on a perfunctory basis), but the organization has shown none.

One contender that Brown has ruled out is the Bears. Brown recently told Deion Sanders that Brown isn’t interested because Nick Foles is the quarterback.

It’s strange for Brown to be picky, given that there’s hardly a land rush for his services. Soon, we’ll see whether anyone is willing to join forces with a player who was a great receiver through 2018 before instantly becoming a stream of headaches and problems and distractions for the Steelers and then the Raiders and then the Patriots.

40 responses to “Antonio Brown can return in two weeks

  1. it had been too long since we’d heard from this guy. wonder if part of his nfl suspension was to also “be quiet” while out?

    that being said, what team will actually *step up* and claim this guy? apparently they need a qb to his liking… smh

  2. Eventually he’ll become Terrell Owens.
    Time will run out and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.

  3. He has amazing talent on the field, but the amount of money this young man cost himself with childish behavior blows my mind!!

  4. He’s had a chance to rest and get completely healthy. Look for Dallas to sign him. They don’t care about his off-field adventures.

  5. With green bay having absolute garbage at the WR position will Ted Thompson pull the trigger?

  6. Terrell Owens is by all accounts a decent and honest human being who has never hurt anybody. Not sure why he gets lumped in with a guy with an arrest record like AB.

  7. Tom Brady deserves an Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham-esque receiver right now. He already lost tight end O.J. Howard for the season. And, we all know that Gronk is rarely ever healthy throughout the season. While Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are great, the more weapons the better. Give this old man another tool for a super bowl run.

  8. Not sure any team wants the inevitable headache, crash and burn ending that comes with him.

    He should probably take a seat next to Kaepernick in the waiting room.

  9. johnnycantread says:
    October 19, 2020 at 12:15 pm
    Eventually he’ll become Terrell Owens.
    Time will run out and we won’t have to hear about it anymore.
    this guy wishes he had the skill or career that TO had

  10. If only he hadn’t lied to the Pats and trashed Kraft on the way out the door. They sure could use him.

  11. I highly doubt anyone will be upset if no one signs him. I think we have probably all seen and heard enough of him

  12. “With green bay having absolute garbage at the WR position will Ted Thompson pull the trigger?”

    A little behind the times, aren’t you?

  13. Anybody that signs this fool should be boycotted. He STILL is disrespectful to other nfl players even when he hasn’t been playing. He laughed off the thought of playing for the bears and nick foles, a super bowl mvp.

    He will wreck whatever franchise signs him.

  14. Dallas doesn’t need this malcontent, they have one of the top 5 receiving corps in the league.

  15. I would take him on the eagles for just this year on minimum contract. As long he understands its just for this year and we will not be signing him long term. Figure he can keep it together for 8-12 weeks.

  16. I actually have more respect for how the Steelers organization handled these divas for so long.

  17. So let me get this right.

    Given what he was suspended for, then what Josh Gordon was suspended for, and I cant help but think what the hell?

    One was for weed, the other was for, well, you know, yet Gordon still isnt cleared?

  18. “With green bay having absolute garbage at the WR position will Ted Thompson pull the trigger?”

    Only if he wants a wrecked locker room.

  19. How can one serve a suspension when he was not on a team??? I thought the whole idea of being suspended was not to be paid, and the team has to “waste” a roster spot on a suspended player. Can someone explain this???

    Can you be suspended from school/work during vacation time?

  20. One was for weed, the other was for, well, you know, yet Gordon still isnt cleared?

    Gordon was suspended for weed, multiple times…and AB hasn’t been made eligible yet.

    I agree that the weed use shouldn’t be an issue, since it’s definitely not a PED, but he knows the rules and just ignores them.

  21. CK will come out of nowhere and claim the team owners are colluding when nobody signs Brown.

  22. He’s never been the same person since that dirty headshot from Vontaze Burfict. He went from being a seemingly normal person and good teammate to an erratic, selfish locker room cancer. I’ll be surprised if anyone signs him, but greed is a way of life in the NFL so he may find a spot somewhere.

  23. Brown is a great receiver. There are people playing with allegations at least as troublesome (or criminal) as Brown.

  24. For someone who has a serious “image” problem I am surprised he would say that. Well maybe not. Foles isn’t playing that bad and he did win a super bowl and the MVP in it. What has he got? Aside A few lawsuits…..

  25. Nothing but a bad guy ahs not played and now he wants to pick and choose. wake up GM’s he is not needed in the NFL

  26. Seahawks should pass on this guy…no pun intended. Plenty of offense here in the pac northwest. We need to shore up on defense. AB can’t pass rush so no thanks.

  27. Don’t fool yourself he’ll be signed in a heartbeat. With all the justifiable criticisms coming his way NOBODY ever said he didn’t have great talent

  28. Antonio Brown has quit on his last 3 teams. The guy obviously doesn’t want to play football anymore, although he loves all the attention. He should have his own reality TV show.

  29. AB has been pretty quiet for the last few months. Maybe, he has learned that this is the last chance for him. He will be on a team very soon. I’m sure that the diva stuff will not be tolerated and they will throw him out the door in a hurry. There is no doubt that he has some issues, to say the least, but any team prioritizes to watch him closely, they will have one of the best WRs that I ever have seen.
    Imagine with AB playing with Mahomes or Lamar backyard plays. That’s frightening! Aaron Rodgers and AB?!?!
    The NFL has a long-standing history of giving football players another chance. Aldon Smith is back without a peep.

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