Browns downplay Odell Beckham Jr. frustration


Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. ultimately wants to win football games. When his team doesn’t win, and when he’s not involved much in the game, he believes that, if he were more involved, the team would be more likely to win.

On Sunday, the Browns lost and Beckham didn’t have much involvement. As a result, he showed frustration on the sideline on multiple occasions during the game, from throwing his helmet to removing his cleats before the game had ended.

The Browns understandably downplayed the situation in post-game press conferences, quotes from which were distributed by the team.

“Just normal frustration when you come out and you get beat like that,” coach Kevin Stefanski said. “You just have to make sure one [loss] does not turn into two. That is this game, and then we have a big one next week.”

Stefanski is right. With a trip to Cincinnati looming, the Browns can’t afford to let Sunday’s outcome linger, or Cleveland will be vulnerable to an upset and a 4-3 record. (Stefanski’s former team, the Vikings, learned a thing or two about one loss becoming two this weekend.)

“We are all very frustrated,” quarterback Baker Mayfield explained to reporters regarding Beckham’s apparent frustrations. “We want to win. We do not come out here just to get stats and do all that. We come out here to win. It is a frustrating loss for us knowing that we just did not play well and let a great team capitalize on all those mistakes that we made. We are all frustrated.”

Receiver Jarvis Landry, a close friend of Beckham’s, likewise explained that Beckham showing some fire doesn’t mean there’s a problem.

“We are all invested,” Landry said. “I think the thing for us is that we have to figure out a way as a team and as a group. . . . He brought us together as a leader of this team there right before halftime and after halftime and just kind of talking and positive messaging. He was trying to get us going because we could not get in any type of rhythm. If that is all you guys saw, then that is why I am sure I got the question.”

Beckham got no questions because he wasn’t made available for a post-game Zoom press conference.

44 responses to “Browns downplay Odell Beckham Jr. frustration

  1. “Browns downplay Odell Beckham Jr. frustration”

    Everybody downplays Odell’s frustrations until they can’t any longer. That time is coming for the Browns.
    You can pass off childish tantrums — throwing his helmet, taking off his shoes during the game, not showing up for the press conference — as being “emotionally invested” for only so long before it eventually blows up in your face.

  2. Receiver Jarvis Landry, a close friend of Beckham’s, likewise explained that Beckham showing some fire doesn’t mean there’s a problem.

    Michael Jordan showed fire. Tom Brady has shown fire. LeBron James has shown fire. Nolan Ryan showed fire. Any numbers of athletes have shown fire during their career. None of them acted like a child while doing it. The problem is he’s been enabled his entire life. Expecting him to change now is unrealistic.

  3. The more they make excuses for the behavior of the man-child, the more they are complicit in the meltdown to come. Anyone who’s ever raised children knows this.

  4. people like this would rather catch 10 balls for 150 and 2 tds in a 40-27 loss in a game they were never in than catch 3 balls for 40 in a win

  5. Same guy that said he was ok with and expected lesser numbers this year. The guy isn’t worth the chaos.

  6. Maybe I’m just a blind fan, but I was disgusted by the way the Browns offense played yesterday. I don’t mind that Beckham was disgusted and frustrated too. Better than them getting blown out and laughing on the sidelines or acting like they don’t care.

  7. Is this bag on Mayfield day?

    Sure, he played poorly but both loses were to elite defenses.
    1. Mayfield isn’t elite, don’t expect him to be
    2. Mayfield needs better protection to excel
    3. The Browns badly miss Chubb
    4. The Browns are an 8/8 or 9/7 team and that’s a huge improvement
    5. OBJ is bad for the Browns development and needs to be traded
    6. Mayfield is good enough to win, but is going to struggle in the playoffs (if they get there)
    7. This is a new coaching staff. Give them time.

  8. Gets sent home from practice for being “ill.” Is then mad that he’s not involved more in the game on Sunday.

  9. Advise for the Browns…his next BIG game, UNLOAD him quick to another team and get rid of this unprofessional ‘ME’ 1st guy.

  10. Never seen a player in history get more excuses then this guy. Never won anything. Never, ever, his fault.

  11. Everybody is pounding on Beckham. But the real problem is Mayfield. A high level college QB, that don’t have the tools in the NFL to be elite. Too small, average footwork, not a good scrambler, and basically a one read QB.

  12. I would be angry too if Mayfield was my QB. Dude thinks he is way better than he is. He is a 5th Round talent that the Browns inexplicably took at 1 overall. He is a backup at best

  13. Being a wideout must be frustrating. We always look down at the ones who complain about touches, or whatever, but running your butt off every snap and not getting the ball thrown your way must be tough. If a RB isn’t gaining many yards, at least he’s touching the ball. He has a chance. A receiver has to wait.

  14. The Browns legitimately don’t need him. They had a lot of issues yesterday, obviously, but their run game is good enough that they do not need a superstar receiver (or QB) to score points. If they replace him on the field with someone who can block and make catches in traffic across the middle, they will be better for it.

  15. Trade him to the Bucs, in exchange for a forth or fifth round pick. I’m sure Brady would love to have him. It’s a shame how so many receivers throughout this league’s history are total divas. If he’s not careful, he’ll end up like Antonio Brown.

  16. OBJ is either happy because he scored or a complete Diva — there’s little in between. The Ravens and Steelers showed what the Browns are, which is pretenders, not contenders.

  17. Eli was able to connect with Beckham. But you can’t expect Mayfield to do so, for the simple reason that it’s difficult for him to even see the field in the intermediate zone. So when Beckham comes flying in a crossing pattern, Mayfield is already mixed in his own mind, and cannot act in an efficient way.
    One other thing that doesn’t help, is the strength of the division. All the Browns can hope for, is a wild card.

  18. Nobody wants him that’s the thing. Trade him lol. Someone will take a chance on him if he’s a free agent but nobody in their right mind would part with a pick for this clown.

  19. Replace “Browns” with “Giants” and “Baker Mayfield” with “Eli Manning” and you get the same story from a few years back.

    This guy is an overrated clown.

  20. Another ‘me first’ guy on the Browns, like Mayfield and Landry. Some of these teams just never get the fact that you need character players on your team, not characters. This is the same reason the Cowboys are perennial underachievers, too many guys on the roster who are too invested in their own egos.

  21. nydre4 says:
    October 19, 2020 at 1:30 pm
    Replace “Browns” with “Giants” and “Baker Mayfield” with “Eli Manning” and you get the same story from a few years back.


    If you replace Mayfield with Manning, it’s a different story.

  22. This guy is not good for the team. The Browns need to find a way to lose him. This reminds me of Terrell Owen’s without the championships. Beckham is on his way out.

  23. No “He just wants to win” quotes? This guy is trying to engineer a trade to his next team.

  24. riverhorsey says:
    This reminds me of Terrell Owen’s without the championships.

    Terrell Owens never won a championship. He played in only only Super Bowl (with the Eagles) and lost.

  25. Browns need to trade OBJ at the deadline to the highest bidder. He’s too volatile of a personality for a rebuilding franchise and it puts a lot of unneeded pressure on Baker Mayfield, who’s really struggling in the NFL. Mayfield was the #1 pick QB, so remove any obstacles to his success.

  26. Ever notice that the more commercials that a player does, the worse they seem to do in games?

    Just sayin………

  27. And this is how he acts coming off a string of games where everything was going right. He flips out at the first sign of things not going his way. For all his talent this is why teams eventually decide they can live without him. Coaches and players will be in a tough game trying to get things on track but they keep getting distracted by Odell throwing tantrums.

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