Ezekiel Elliott’s two lost fumbles lead to Cardinals’ touchdowns


Ezekiel Elliott can’t hold onto the football.

He lost two fumbles in three plays in the second quarter, resulting in short fields and touchdowns for the Cardinals.

Arizona leads 14-0.

Elliott now has five fumbles this season. No other running back even has three. He has lost four of them.

Budda Baker forced Elliott’s first fumble after a reception for no gain, and Jordan Phillips recovered for the Cardinals at the Arizona 46. That set up Christian Kirk‘s 6-yard touchdown reception from Kyler Murray with 12:58 remaining in the second quarter.

Phillips forced Elliott’s second fumble on a 2-yard run, and Byron Murphy recovered for the Cardinals and returned it 3 yards to the Dallas 27. Kenyan Drake scored on a 1-yard run five plays later, with 10:31 left in the half.

The Cardinals’ scoring drives covered 54 and 27 yards.

27 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott’s two lost fumbles lead to Cardinals’ touchdowns

  1. Worley is horrible. Why is he playing. He has been burnt in how many games. They need to rethink this secondary and Lawrence has quit

  2. haughville says:
    October 19, 2020 at 9:31 pm
    C’mon, show Jerrah in the press box!

    Really! I came here to say the same thing. Guess he gave them instructions not to.

  3. wonder how many super bowls rodgers would’ve won with a coach other than mccarthy. lol@jerbear for hiring this retread and even worse retread mike nolan.

  4. If this game keeps going as is, maybe people will start to see the value of Dak Prescott making something out of nothing. A bad defense and an overrated running back in Zeke Elliot.

  5. The only thing stopping the Cardinals in the 1st half were the Cardinals. Kyler was overthrowing wide open receivers on the 1st two drives. Last 3 drives, 3 TDs.

    They have been giving Zeke confidence runs since his fumbles. Short runs to the sidelines where he doesn’t get hit. Not exactly a winning formula.

    Dalton hasn’t been playing bad but he can’t extend plays or in Gallup’s case, catch the ball.

    The return of the Cowboys star line backer has not made a difference in the 1st half, the defense is still terrible.

  6. This is a tough game for Andy Dalton, 5 backup offensive lineman after RG went out, the stud RB is a fumble machine and the Dallas Defense is awful.

  7. Moore couldn’t play qb and he is even worse at offense cord. But the cowboys problem is defense. They have minnesota beast Lawrence and smith and still can’t get there. And the secondary is absolutely horrible

  8. I dont want to hear any excuses about oline injuries from cowboys fans. … Carson Wentz and the eagles put 28 up and probably should have beat a much much much better ravens team and their oline is just as injured and carson is throwing to guys no one has ever heard of. The difference is the Eagles didnt quit, and clearly the cowboys have.

  9. Hahahahaha… jump back into the Salv Army Pot… the man who did too little… but always on the sidelines ready to pull down another tube top. Grow up Zeke.

  10. Jerry Jones runs the show. You’re not going to get a good coach to take that job. McCarthy is perfect for the Cowboys. Jerry doesn’t care anymore. He’s definitely living in the past. He has his son right next to him. Nobody is questioning anything. I would hate to see Dak come back and waste his career in Dallas.

  11. pittsburghdamned says:
    October 19, 2020 at 11:21 pm
    Two things always for sure with Zeke: Fumbles & a nose ring infection.

    And don’t forget the new Minnie Mouse hairdo he’s sporting! I don’t know who looks more ridiculous now Zeke or Cam?

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