Jets on pace for worst point differential in NFL history

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The Jets aren’t just losing this season, they’re losing by historic margins.

After falling to 0-6 with a 24-0 loss to the Dolphins on Sunday, the Jets have been outscored 185-75 so far this season. Their -110 point differential is by far the worst in the NFL, and it is equal to the combined point differentials of the second-worst and third-worst teams. (The Jaguars’ point differential is -56 and the Football Team’s point differential is -54.)

Project their current -110 point differential over a 16-game season, and the Jets would get outscored by 293 points this season. That would be the worst point differential in NFL history, topping the current record of -287 by the 1976 Buccaneers. That was the first season in Buccaneers franchise history, and that expansion team is often named as the worst team in NFL history.

The Jets are the favorites to land the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, where they’d likely take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. If so, Lawrence will be going to a place where he has a big mess to clean up.

14 responses to “Jets on pace for worst point differential in NFL history

  1. Trevor Lawrence should let them know right now that he won’t sign with them. The NFL needs to stop rewarding incompetence and install a draft lottery for the first five picks.

  2. Gase you’re a bum, can’t even field an offense. A high school team will be competitive with them at this point

  3. Trevor needs to do a Eli Manning and let it be public there is NO WAY he will sign with the Jets. Give the Jets 6 months to get their ducks in a row and find a trading partner.

  4. The NFL still had a 14-game schedule in 1976, so that’s the reason the Jets could surpass them. Tampa Bay averaged a differential of 20.5 points/game, whereas the Jets are only at 18.3.

  5. Great. If the Jets do draft Lawrence, all they’ll need is an offensive line, a couple running backs, a tight end, and a few wide receivers. Then they’ll have a competent offense.

    Oh yeah, and a head coach too.

  6. Let’s trade our best player on defense and cut our best player on offense. How this mediocre head coach still has a job is beyond crazy to me. He was mediocre in Miami and his reward was another head coaching job.

    For people who blamed Leveon for liking tweets about his usage, people forget his head coach said last year right after he was signed that he didn’t want him. I guess it’s ok for a coach to openly say he doesn’t want a player and try to trade him the same year he was signed but if the player likes tweets about his lack of usage, then he has to go. To say this organization is a joke is an insult to jokes.

  7. During the game yesterday, the camera showed Gregg Williams talking into his headset. Then he got frustrated and told “someone” to shut the (bleep) up, followed with a G*d Dammit. The camera then cut to Gase, who rolled his eyes and threw his head back as if he was the target of Williams outburst.

    It’s a laugh-a-minute with these fools. And I’m here for all the dysfunction.

  8. Reminds me of Jeff Fischer. Remember him? The Rams kept proclaiming him a great coach all the way up until he was about to set the all time record for coaching losses. And because no team wants that record he will never be hired again but if wasn’t for that he would be roaming the sidelines losing games for someone because the NFL is all about retread coaches.

    That’s what it took for the Rams to finally act on one of the worst head coaches they’ve ever had. But hey, at least he had experience in moving a team, that’s more important than actually being good at your job.

    The point being, if the Jets continue their horrid pace, the team might fire him before acheiving the #1 worst point differential in history and perhaps we will have seen the last of him.

  9. All Trevor Lawrence has to do is declare he’s going back for his senior year once he finds out the jets are drafting first.

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