Kyler Murray, Christian Kirk feeling at home as Arizona leads 21-3 at half


Kyler Murray, who grew up in the Dallas area, has never lost at AT&T Stadium. It’s a pretty good bet he will walk out of the stadium tonight with wins as a high school quarterback, a college quarterback and a pro quarterback.

The Cardinals lead the Cowboys 21-3 at halftime.

Murray hasn’t had his best game, completing only 8 of 19 passes for 128 yards, but 80 yards came on one play and he has two touchdown passes. He also has run for 56 yards on seven carries.

His 80-yard touchdown throw went to Christian Kirk, who also annually starred in AT&T Stadium while at Texas A&M. Kirk has two catches for 86 yards and two touchdowns.

Kirk has only two 100-yard games in his career, including a career-best 138 yards and three touchdowns on six catches against the Bucs last year.

The Cowboys, playing with Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback for the first time, have proved their own worst enemy.

Ezekiel Elliott has lost two fumbles, leading to Arizona touchdown drives of 54 and 27 yards. Jordan Phillips forced a fumble and recovered a fumble; Budda Baker forced the other fumble.

It’s the fifth consecutive week the Cowboys have trailed by 14 or more points.

They fell behind 21-0 before a 34-yard Greg Zuerlein field goal with 10 seconds left in the half, which followed a dropped touchdown pass by Michael Gallup. It is the first time the Cowboys have trailed by 21 or more points in the first half of a game since being down 24-0 in a Week 17 loss to Washington in 2015 loss.

That was the last time before tonight that a quarterback other than Dak Prescott started a game for them. Kellen Moore, now the Cowboys offensive coordinator, started that game.

9 responses to “Kyler Murray, Christian Kirk feeling at home as Arizona leads 21-3 at half

  1. I’m telling you right now we would not be down 28-3 with bennett dix and carr. You can thumb down all you want but it’s fact. Lawrence quit. We can’t get pressure and the secondary is horrible

  2. I’m trying to figure out how the Cardinals are ahead. I thought Kyler Murray was too short to play QB in the NFL. The score must be wrong right? All these people using height are just stupid. If you can play, you can play. It doesn’t seem to be stopping Murray.

    On another note, the Cowboys defense is historically bad but we all knew it would be since Jerruh spent all his money on his man-crush (the offense). Lawrence has been a total bust since he signed his big deal. That’s OK, Jerruh will give Dak a $40M/yr deal which means even less money for the defense. Add to their troubles their deteriorating OL–formerly the best OL in the NFL–and you have a recipe for disaster. If Jerruh really wants to win a Super Bowl he needs to hire a real GM who has an idea about talent instead of giving truckloads of money to his favorite players. They could win the division at 4-12 though since everyone else sucks too.

  3. I am a life long Cowboys fan. And I have to say it was easier to be a fan during the 1-15 season than it has been this season. I lived through going to the playoffs 19 out of 21 years under Tom. 3 Superbowl wins after the 1-15 season. This year has been the toughest I’ve ever had as a Cowboys fan by far.

  4. Steven Jones said last week it’s not time for drastic changes. Steven as a long time Cowboys fan I’m telling you . Do not ever tell Cowboys fans it’s not time for changes when the team is this bad. It is Time for major changes or this will continue

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