Nick Foles: We’d rather win ugly than lose pretty

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The Bears climbed to 5-1 with a road win over the Panthers on Sunday. They’ve yet to get the respect that a record like this should generate, in part because they’re not winning in dominant fashion or exhilarating highlights.

And that’s OK with quarterback Nick Foles.

Would you rather lose pretty or win ugly?” a passionate and animated Foles said after Sunday’s win over the Panthers. “I think we’d rather win ugly. . . . Is this who we are offensively? We want to improve, we want to get better, we want to have rhythm. But ultimtately in the NFL it’s about winning games. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you get it done. If you put up 50 points and you lose a game, those 50 points don’t mean anything.”

Foles, in his third start for the Bears, completed 23 of 39 passes for 198 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. His passer rating was a sluggish 70.2. But he’s got no problem with that.

“Right now, we’re winning games,” Foles said. “We’re playing together as a team. We can improve. I think that’s exciting. If we were winning these games and playing perfect and they were this tight and we’re playing perfect, where do you improve?”

They’ll need to improve quickly. Next Monday night, they have a date with the Rams in L.A. Then, the Bears host the Saints. Then, the Bears face the Titans in Tennessee. Regardless, Foles is undaunted and undeterred.

“I’m excited about our offense, I’m excited about the guys that are there,” Foles said. “I like the communication that’s happening on the sideline. I love the passion of the players. Most importantly, they care. And we’re bonding. We’re getting to know each other. That’s football. You don’t just go out there and play football. You’ve gotta care about the man next to you to make those plays. So I like where we’re at. I know we’re gonna improve. I believe in our staff, I believe in our players, and I’m really grateful to be a part of this organization.”

The organization is surely grateful to have Foles, a former Super Bowl MVP and the consummate teammate and leader. At 5-1 through six games, even a .500 record over the next ten translates to 10-6 and, with seven playoff spots per conference, a near-certain playoff berth.

Or maybe a division title. On Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend, the Bears visit Lambeau Field. In Week 17, the Packers come to Chicago. Potentially, they could be meeting for a third time in January.

29 responses to “Nick Foles: We’d rather win ugly than lose pretty

  1. The defense has been playing great. Kyle Fuller deserves votes for defensive player of the year. He’s playing out of his mind. I don’t know if it’s the play calling on offense or lack of ability to execute the offense, but it’s definitely been ugly. That needs to improve or it will be a quick exit in the playoffs.

  2. I agree with Nick 100%.
    Wins are wins, the NFL doesn’t give out style points, and you are what your record says you are.
    Unfortunately, my team just lost ugly yesterday.
    With very little to hang our hat on, it’s back to the drawing board.

  3. looks like Foles will get what he wants because with him under center, every win will be an ugly one. However they are better than most teams on the remaining schedule and 12 wins is a real possibility

  4. I’m sure that Nick wasn’t even thinking about the Philadelphia Eagles when he said this, but if he was, it would be a completely appropriate dig today.

  5. Winning ugly will work against other teams like yourself that are only strong on one side of the ball. But a win is a win and there is no need to apologize for it.

  6. I get what he’s saying, but this is the worst rushing offense I’ve ever seen the Bears have. We’ve had plenty of bad passing offenses in the past but we’ve always had a decent running game to at least put the passing game in manageable situations. One positive, Foles looked a heck of a lot better against the Tampa defense that just mauled Rodgers and the Packers

  7. Foles is a sketchy quarterback who is uniquely clutch in big moments. He’s not that talented, but he’s fearless. And with Chicago’s defense keeping them within one score late in every game, Foles gets those opportunities to win games late. That’s why he is more valuable to a team like Chicago than Trubisky was.

  8. PFTSelectiveCensorship says:
    October 19, 2020 at 10:06 am
    Trubisky has better numbers than Foles
    That’s the whole point of the article… Trubiski ALWAYS has “better numbers”- but he doesn’t win. He even had better numbers than Mahonnes & Watson in the draft! Foles WINS.

  9. PFTSelectiveCensorship says:
    October 19, 2020 at 10:06 am
    Trubisky has better numbers than Foles
    That’s the whole point of the article… Trubiski ALWAYS has “better numbers”- but he doesn’t win. He even had better numbers than Mahonnes & Watson in the draft! Foles WINS.
    Like he won in Philly, but now the Eagles are losing “pretty” with Wentz… You stat-lovers will never get it. It’s NOT about what they “can” potentially do. It’s about what they they “DO” with it that matters!

  10. Foles continues to win…..Wentz continues to lose….. Doug Pederson once considers a “genius” is now fading into oblivion

  11. Who would have predicted that the Bears would be in first place and the Vikes in last 6 weeks into the season??

  12. As every week passes by the chemistry with the receivers will get better and that can help the running game. That said, the O line is now the weak link on the team. Pass block, yep, run block, nope.

  13. I’m with Foles 100% The scoreboard is king. Tell ya something else, I don’t like looking up at the Bears in the standings but, a win is a win is a win. Plain and simple.

    It IS nice seeing Bears’ fans around here again. I saw 3 Bears’ fans wearing their gear in northeastern Wisconsin this morning- so it’s not lost on them neither. Welcome back to fandom guys.

  14. The complaints around Foles are that winning ugly against mediocre and middle of the road teams won’t get you to a divisional title or a Super Bowl berth. As a long term Bears fan still enjoying these wins on any terms.

  15. Nick Foles is a championship quarterback. He knows winning, better than his clown detractors who continue to be enamoured with bigger “talents”.

  16. As an Eagles fan, I’m just glad that I’ll have a team to root for in the post-season this year! Go Foles & Bears!

  17. After seeing how the Bucs destroyed the Packers…and Atlanta Destroyed Minnesota, the Bears have a great chance to get into the playoffs.

    And Foles is a different QB when the stakes are high. A good different.

  18. Winning is winning.. but without improvements, it’s not going to be a lot of winning against playoff teams. We can talk about the QB play of Foles, which has been spotty, but the O-line play has been baaaaaaad. There’s still time to get better, and it’s a lot easier when you’re winning thanks to the defense.

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