Philip Rivers: There was no panic down 21-0

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The Colts lost to the Browns in Week Five and they fell behind the Bengals 21-0 seconds into the second quarter of Sunday’s game, which may have led some to feel like the team was unraveling after a 3-1 start to the year.

None of those people were in Colts uniforms, however. Philip Rivers threw two touchdowns in the second quarter and the Colts were only down 24-21 at halftime. They’d outscore the Bengals in the second half as well and a late Julian Blackmon interception allowed them to celebrate a 31-27 victory.

After the game, Rivers said he sensed calm throughout the team when they were down 21 points

“There really was no panic,” Rivers said, via Mike Chappell of WTTV. “I’m new to these experiences with this football team. The culture and everything is set. I wasn’t feeling any panic from anyone.”

Rivers said he drew on his experience in a 2006 game against the Bengals that saw his Chargers down 21-0 in the first quarter of a game they’d come back to win 47-41. Rivers is on a new team now, but he brought his ability to turn games around with him from California.

3 responses to “Philip Rivers: There was no panic down 21-0

  1. He was playing my Bengals Defense. lol I’m sure he would’ve came back to win even if down 42-0. It doesn’t matter.

  2. Of course… there was no panic.

    The Cincinnati Bengals mike brown family ownership refuses to increase salaries
    by chasing BETTER QUALITY free agent players in slots that are weak and/or re-signing HIGH QUALITY veterans when their contracts are up (replacing them with cheap veterans/college no-names).

    When San Diego beat the Cincinnati in 2013 Wild Card… Dalton was sacked 3 times and the Chargers were in the backfield for the majority of the game due to mike brown’s refusal to sign a REAL center, one high quality guard, one high quality tackle, and a tight end that separates.

    Also… he Chargers/Rivers offense had their way because mike brown refused to re-sign Johnathan Joseph (Joseph and Houston beat them the two previous wild cards w/ PASS Defense).

    REMEMBER: It’s ALL Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton’s fault

  3. If this oline isn’t rebuilt in the offseason I’m done watching. 3 years everyone outside the organization has known it was terrible yet for some reason they do nothing. I’m sick of rooting for a team that doesn’t want to win.

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