Report: David Njoku looking for a trade again

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Tight end David Njoku has reportedly changed his mind about a trade again.

Njoku requested a trade away from the Browns in July, but rescinded that request in early August after the team opened up training camp. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that Njoku is again looking for a move to another team.

The trade deadline is November 3.

Njoku spent three weeks on injured reserve after hurting his knee in the opener. He returned in Week Five and has two catches for 13 yards over the last two games. He played 44 snaps in those games, which puts him behind Austin Hooper and rookie Harrison Bryant in the pecking order at the position.

14 responses to “Report: David Njoku looking for a trade again

  1. Browns need to get what they can get and move on from this guy, this will make the organization and the player happy

  2. Too bad he debunked this report. I want to trade for a guy not named OBJ who is smart enough to leave the Browns.

  3. He was done with the Browns after Baker threw him that hospital pass that actually almost hospitalized him. Even if he debunked this somewhere in the back of his mind its still there.

  4. The next Pats TE might be the first one able to produce. Good lord wth is BB thinking? Cam refuses to throw deeper than 15 yards and frankly with the o=line constituted as it is now who can blame the guy? That they are on game behind is close to a miracle. Zero weapons, none, save the QB’s running ability. Edelman has clearly checked out and dreams of his guys down in Tampa and has a hair across it for not being named a captain. The team got it right, he has shown zero leadership instead sulking and dogging it on the playing field. So yes, please send them a TE. Couple wide receivers, a true lead running back, 2-3 decent o=linemen, linebackers….oh well maybe next year. Maybe but don’t count on it. Bill’s too busy drafting Div 2 players and players picked way too high. Sorry, I know this isn’t the point of the post but seeing TE just triggers me lol

  5. I think he could be really good on a team with a decent QB, and he seems like a really nice kid. I hope he gets his trade and gets to play with a real NFL QB. He deserves it.

  6. Either he never said it or he did say it, found out there was no interest From other teams and is now trying to save face on Twitter. The guy has spent more time on the injured list in his career than the stat sheets and forced the Browns into having to invest in tight ends because they knew he’d get injured at some point and have yet to be proven wrong. He basically is to tight ends what Tyrod Taylor is to QB’s. Being a backup to him, just means you’re the week 3 starter at the latest.

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