Ryan Fitzpatrick: We’re a work in progress headed in right direction

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The Dolphins were 1-3 when they headed to Santa Clara to face the 49ers in Week Five and the prospect of another long season seemed like a real possibility in Miami.

What a difference eight days can make. They thumped the Niners 43-17 and then shut down the Jets in a 24-0 win on Sunday that evened their record while brightening their prospects for the 10 games left on the schedule.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three touchdowns in the first half of Sunday’s win and said after the game that he thinks the arrow is pointed up for the team as they head into their bye week.

“I would say we’re still a work in progress, but we’re definitely heading in the right direction,” Fitzpatrick said in his postgame press conference. “We’ve brought in a lot of new guys this offseason and I think we’ve brought in the right kind of guys, and everybody has really meshed well. Even a couple weeks ago sitting at 1-3 not really feeling sorry for ourselves but continuing to work, and now to get a couple in a row and sitting at 3-3 going into the bye, it’s a good feeling for us, and I think we’re coming together as a team.”

The Dolphins got their first glimpse of Tua Tagovailoa at the end of Sunday’s win, but the last two performances suggest it will still be some time before the team willingly turns in his direction for more than mop-up duty.

5 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: We’re a work in progress headed in right direction

  1. The Dolphins 1-3 record was a little deceiving. They lost to the Patriots 1st game of the season by 10. They then lost to the Bills by 3. Beat the Jags and then lost to the Seahawks by 8. The Seahawks game they were in until the end. So they lost to 3 of the better teams in the league by a combined 21 points. The 3 wins haven’t been against the best either Jags and Jets although the 49er’s win looks pretty good after last night.

    They are a better team than has been given credit for. Flores is doing a great job down there. They have a long way to go, but not as far as everyone thinks.

  2. The Dolphins defense is playing extremely well right now. They are making quarterbacks very uncomfortable in the pocket and have improved in stopping the run. The offense was inconsistent yesterday, but I give credit to the Jets defense, I thought they played well. I’m still thinking eight wins at best, but Flores is definitely a great coach.

  3. At this point I feel as though the Fins are playing with house money. The NFL is a tough town. To be where they’re at, & decide to start Tua, why not? Even if they take a few more “lumps”, this group absorbs the lumps, goes back to practice, & returns ready. As a group they know where they’re headed.

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