Titans may be fined, but no suspensions or lost draft picks for COVID-19 violations

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The Tennessee Titans are getting off without any major league discipline after an investigation into the team’s COVID-19 outbreak.

The Titans may be fined but no one will be suspended and the team will not be stripped of any draft picks, according to multiple reports.

The fines apparently will be a result of failure to comply with league rules on wearing masks in the facility. Titans General Manager Jon Robinson has acknowledged the team was not perfect on that front.

Although several NFL teams have had positive tests, the Titans had by far the worst outbreak, and postponing Titans games caused a ripple effect that made a major impact on the NFL’s schedule. And even after the Titans’ facility closed, players reportedly got together for their own workouts, risking a further spread of the coronavirus within the team. As a result, some thought the league would crack down hard on the Titans with suspensions for anyone found to have violated the rules, suspensions for Robinson and coach Mike Vrabel for failing to ensure that the rules were followed, and lost draft picks.

But that won’t be the case. The Titans can breathe a sigh of relief.

13 responses to “Titans may be fined, but no suspensions or lost draft picks for COVID-19 violations

  1. Major impact? New Englands outbreak had a catastrophic impact then. League had to rearrange about 10 games because of them.

  2. Hilarious. Thank you to every NFL news source who kept telling us everyday the NFL was going to come down with historic punishment the likes of which we’ve never seen.

  3. Another former patriot breaking the rules and Goodell protects him. What else is new.

  4. They won’t get fined (although they should). The Titans are the NFL’s favorite flavor of the month and the league will ride them as long as media interest is strong as are tv audience viewership. It’s all about the money, folks.

  5. What a joke, players practiced , despite being told not to , with no consequences?? No way they should get away with that.
    Meanwhile New England was able to only practice 2 days in a 2 week period( because they followed the rules), and consequently lost their game , unlike Tennessee who broke the rules and won their first game back.

  6. if the Titans do get fined, it will be a “wink-wink’ deal. The NFL wont try to collect. The games must be played. $$$$$$

  7. It’s now official–the Titans can do no wrong. All hail the Titans as the new Patriots!

  8. I think it’s become even more crystal clear now that the league WASN’T crystal clear with their initial instructions to the Titans when the first cases popped up. They closed the facility, but didn’t really tell the players not to gather. So the league is now realizing they have no real ammo to go after them. So they decided to get together to get a little work in for a game that was still happening at that time. Gasp! Football players practicing!! Listen, was it the best decision? No, but it wasn’t against any kind of instruction from the league at that point. People on here are always calling for people’s heads for any little infraction. It’s dumb.

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