Doug Marrone didn’t consider pulling Gardner Minshew, but “maybe in the future”

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After Sunday’s loss to the Lions, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said that Todd Wash will remain the team’s defensive coordinator as long as Marrone was still on the job.

Marrone did not provide the same kind of assurances for quarterback Gardner Minshew. Minshew was 25-of-44 for 243 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the 34-16 loss and Marrone was asked after the game if he considered making a change at quarterback.

The head coach said he didn’t, but stopped short of ruling out a move at some point down the line.

“Maybe in the future, I think,” Marrone said, via Michael DiRocco of “I mean, I’d be naïve not to say [that’s a possibility]. That’s up for any position, any play that we can do for ourselves to get better. But no, I didn’t feel that way during the course of the game.”

Minshew has turned the ball over eight times during Jacksonville’s five-game losing streak and most of his eight touchdowns over that span have come when the Jaguars were far behind their opponents. Marrone has benched starting quarterbacks in each of the last two seasons and continued production like the Jags have seen recently could make it three in a row.

8 responses to “Doug Marrone didn’t consider pulling Gardner Minshew, but “maybe in the future”

  1. I don’t understand the hype around this guy. I’m bored hearing about how he’s a “free spirit”. He might be a nice guy but he’s not a starting NFL QB.

  2. Minshew isn’t the problem. He’s the only bright spot about that offense. Their offensive line is just awful…..awful. I don’t care who’s behind center, nobody could succeed when your OL just stands around and watched the defenders go past them. When your offensive line can’t block anyone and your defense can’t tackle anyone, Joe Montana could win. If Marrone benches Minshew then if I were Minshew I’d force a trade and get away from that sorry excuse for a football team.

  3. Neither Marrone nor Minshew (maybe as a backup) will be around next year so it’s kind of a moot point. FWIW, the GM and owner have to go, too.

    Yes, it is a sorry franchise but the OL has performed better than expected. You should focus more on the DL…now that’s an awful bunch.

  4. I like the kid, but he leaves the pocket too early and the arm strength is a glaring problem. He just can’t make all the throws. He will be a successful backup or traveling starter like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Jeff Garcia, but he is not a franchise guy.

  5. “OK he wasn’t great but who the hell do they have behind him?”

    That’s the question that needs asking. They have a young guy in Minshew who shows flashes but hasn’t been overly consistent and they back him up with Mike Glennon who has thrown a total of 31 passes since the 2017 season? And the third stringer is a 6th round pick from this past draft. Who put that together and thought it’d work out well?

  6. WHY AM I the only one that sees Doug Marrone is a terrible NFL HC. HE stunk in Buffalo and he really stinks in Jacksonville. Why is he employeed?

  7. Surprising Marrone has gone tis far with Minshew. he doesn’t seem to have much patience with young QB’s.
    I recall his quick hook with E.J. Manuel in Buffalo. Destroyed his confidence before he even had a chance. Can’t wait to see what happens if Marrone gets a top QB in the draft.

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