John Ross approached Bengals about trade

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Unhappiness about roles in Cincinnati isn’t limited to the defensive side of the ball.

Wide receiver John Ross was active for the first time since Week Two against the Colts last weekend, but he only played one snap in the team’s 31-27 loss. Ross was a healthy scratch in the previous three games and Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Ross’ agent Brad Cicala recently went to the team to discuss a possible trade.

Cicala told Garafolo that nothing came of those conversations, but that his client is still hoping for a fresh start with another team before the November 3 trade deadline.

Ross was the ninth overall pick of the 2017 draft, but injuries limited him to 24 games in his first three seasons. He has two catches for 17 yards this season.

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  1. Hey Ross, they have already tried to trade you but no one wants to give up anything for you. Probably for the same reasons the Bengals aren’t playing you after picking you 8th overall.

  2. He has ZERO trade value. ZERO. He’ll be lucky to get a contract for the minimum next year. In four years he has 51 catches for a total of 733 yards. He has missed 22 games in his first three season. He does have 10 TDs, 7 in 2018 but still, even when he’s on the field he hasn’t been particularly productive. If he thinks he’s going to get an A.J. Green type contract he’s going to be in for a surprise. He’s probably even not using a roster spot on. The only reason he’s still a member of the Bengals is because they are trying to save face for wasting a first round pick on this guy.

  3. Guy is a burner, the fastest WR in the NFL w/o a doubt. 2018 he was a red zone TD machine. 2019 enter our new coach, “Offensive Guru” Zac Taylor and the guy has sucked since then. And most of our players have declined since Taylor arrived. I could easily see us trading him for a 6th rd pick, only for him to end the season with 12 TD’s and a pro-bowl bid.

  4. they should trade him now. any pick is worth a shot rather than letting him go for nothing. nothing to lose here.

  5. At this point, trade him. Find some undrafted olineman with some upside somewhere and see if you can steal him. Ross has elite speed, but the Bengals, either by design or default, won’t push the ball down field. The Bengals ran an end-around with Tee Higgins, who is not known for his footspeed, Sunday, which shows me they have no use for Ross.

    The Bengals could be 4-2, somehow. Something has to change.

  6. He showed potential early on, especially in the red zone. Marvin was more willing to teach than Taylor is . Ross needs to go where they can take his raw potential and turn it into success. I could see him becoming a good player in KC, Pitt, or NE

  7. I’m convinced they’re 3 main culprits to a guy being a 1st round bust. 1st is the organization… A team’s failure to put the player in a position to succeed is a huge reason that so many “ 1st round busts “ don’t live up to potential. 2nd is injuries. Ross falls into both category 1 and 2. The 3rd reason is the player’s motivation or mental makeup i.e JaMarcus Russell… From what I’ve seen, this is the least likely culprit… There are very very very few circumstances where a guy gets drafted that high that simply doesn’t have talent… Most of the time injuries or organizational failures are the reasons their 1st round picks bust.

  8. Super bust. But who didn’t see that coming when they said his name with the ninth overall pick??

  9. I think the term “red Zone” anything except for something negative when describing John Ross is so wrong its funny. He is so focused on running fast he cant catch the ball. Catch first, run second. To big of a concept for him apparently

  10. Ross has tremendous upside coming out of college. He is capable of being a game breaker WR. He has suffered some injuries which did set him back at the start of his NFL career. Now it all seems to be centered about his attitude. Will a change of scenery help him? That’s the question here.

  11. Ross put up big numbers his final year of college then ran the 4.22 at the combine. He only played 1 game as a rookie, getting hurt while fumbling at the end of a long run. But he had a good 2018 season before disappearing under Taylor.

    He doesn’t have much trade value but he’ll be on an NFL roster somewhere in 2021 as he has talent and isn’t a knucklehead.

  12. This guy walks in the building like he has done something in his career. News flash John.. you are a major bust with no trade value. Nobody cares if you know Snoop.

  13. He wound up in Marvins doghouse after one play. Taylor has done absolutely nothing to develop him or help him progress. He’s a known headcase with confidence issues. He’s not worth much but if they can get a 7th rounder I’d love to see if Andy Reid could figure out how to use him.

  14. You guys are mistaken. Ross had his 7 touchdowns last year under Taylor. His problem is he can’t catch the ball. Total waste of a first round pick. Look at the drafts back at the end of Lewis. Obueghi, Fisher, Ross, Price, no Linebackers. Lewis was so done with coaching… He kept all these old, slow guys for wayyyy too long. See ya Ross! If they could get a drop of interest in you, they would.

  15. How about catching a ball Ross? You were given plenty of opportunity early and blew it.

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