Kyler Murray says he needs to do better after “sloppy” performance against Cowboys

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The Arizona Cardinals may have earned a 28-point victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night but quarterback Kyler Murray isn’t thrilled with his own performance.

“For me personally the whole game was sloppy,” Murray told reporters after the game.

Murray threw for 188 yards and two touchdowns and also ran for 74 yards on 10 attempts with a rushing touchdown as well. However, Murray completed just nine of his 24 passing attempts on the night and he was critical of the mistakes he made that led to missed opportunities.

“Yeah, a part of me wants to (be happy) but a lot of me is frustrated right now,” Murray said. “It wasn’t as good as it should have been. I wasn’t as accurate as I should have been. It wasn’t up to par to my standards so I’ve got to do better.

“I missed a throw to Hop (DeAndre Hopkins), which shouldn’t happen. Missed a throw to Larry (Fitzgerald). Just a lot of stuff left out there, a lot of opportunities left out there. It could have been a lot better.”

Arizona’s defense was the driving force in the win for the Cardinals as they intercepted Andy Dalton twice and forced two fumbles from Ezekiel Elliott. All four turnovers led to scores as the Cardinals turned the mistakes into three touchdowns and a field goal in the 38-10 romp over the Cowboys.

While he’s focused on correcting his mistakes, Murray was still able to enjoy getting another victory back in his home town of Dallas.

“It was fun. It brought back a lot of memories. Felt like I’ve been playing there every Sunday, honestly. It was comfortable, felt good,” Murray said.

3 responses to “Kyler Murray says he needs to do better after “sloppy” performance against Cowboys

  1. I believe the NFL must decide if the game of professional football is really advanced by having fake QB’s behind center.

    Either you pass – or you run – and if you run, you are a running back and you should never get the special protections afforded a QB.

    Lame and Kyler and Allen are making a mockery of the game’s prominent position where they run at will and pass as a secondary action. There is no excuse for any professional QB to be running 10 or more plays – or even using the Russell Wilson level of six carries per game. This is outrageous and is masking the significant deficit in real QB talent in this league.

    Quite simply, these fools are masking their lack of passing skills and are cheaply running to make up for their blatant weaknesses as passers. It is not like they are running when the pocket collapses – they are running intentionally – and that should now be made against the rules or they should lose their protections.

  2. We have to remember that Kyler is young and this Cardinals team is a recent rebuild… He appeared to be amped up with adrenaline flowing which resulted in a few accuracy issues. And that’s O.K. He is still the one QB in the NFL any team would Love to have as his future is overtly bright.

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