Patrick Mahomes tops 90 passing TDs in 37 games, fastest in NFL history

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw his 90th and 91st career touchdown passes on Monday in his 37th career game, topping a new NFL record.

Mahomes is the fastest quarterback ever to reach 91 touchdown passes, surpassing Dolphins Hall of Famer Dan Marino, who reached 90 touchdown passes in his 40th career game.

Kurt Warner had 86 touchdown passes in his first 40 NFL games. No other player in NFL history has even thrown 75 touchdown passes in his first 40 games.

Mahomes also has 11,111 career passing yards and is also the fastest player ever to reach 11,000 passing yards. Warner set the previous record by topping 11,000 yards in his 39th game.

The 25-year-old Mahomes has a chance to rewrite the NFL’s passing record book.

6 responses to “Patrick Mahomes tops 90 passing TDs in 37 games, fastest in NFL history

  1. That first year with a Swiss cheese defense allowed Mahomes to just take off trying to make up for bad defense. His numbers are down this past two years because the team around him is more complete. It’s nice to know that when it’s needed he can put up the big numbers. It’s even nicer to have a complete team.

  2. I am completely over NFL stats and their meaning over time. The offensive advantage is now staggering relative to defense. It renders comparison’s impossible becasue the game is so different. Today’s passing game makes the late 80’s look like they played in leather helmets.

  3. Mahomes is great but this days more about Marino than Mahomes – for that record to last a slong as it did with the rules today

  4. So very impressive … like someone else commented, says a lot about Marino as well for the record to have stood as long as it did. However, it is annoying to hear the same ‘rules are stacked in favor of the offense’ argument… Yes they are stacked in favor of the offense, but its not like this particular record has been broken every single year by every new QB rookie coming out of college. Patrick Mahomes is special and he is breaking some special records.

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