Report: Geno Atkins frustrated by role with Bengals

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When Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins played 19 snaps in Week Five’s loss to the Ravens, it seemed like the Bengals were working the two-time All-Pro back slowly after he missed the first four games of the year.

Atkins played 18 snaps against the Colts in Sunday’s 31-27 loss while recently signed Xavier Williams and former practice squad player Amani Bledsoe were the starters. The change in his role reportedly isn’t sitting well with him and he has some company on that front.

Defensive end Carlos Dunlap went public earlier this month with his displeasure about how the Bengals handled a change in his role and Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports Atkins is also frustrated with a move that’s left him to play a rotational role on third downs.

Dragon reports that both players were told that the changes were what’s best for the 1-4-1 team and that other players in the locker room “are wondering why Dunlap and Atkins have been relegated to situational players” at this point. He adds that there are no plans to trade either player before November 3, but the right offer could change that stance given how the Bengals appear to view both players.

12 responses to “Report: Geno Atkins frustrated by role with Bengals

  1. I’m a Bengals guy and I love both of them, but neither have played well. It’s a little hard to figure out because they’ve had so many DL injuries, but Atkins didn’t play at all for the first 4 weeks and Dunlap has been really sketchy against the run. I’m not sure that the guys they’re playing are better, but maybe they want to find out what they have and start moving on. I’d hate to see either of them go, but it’s not like the coaches are just doing this randomly.

  2. Well the Bengals’ fans are over HC Zac Taylor. He keeps talking culture and the culture he is building is toxic. It’s more him than the players. He isn’t the answer to turn the Franchise around.

  3. The only defensive lineman whose presence has been remotely noticable this year was DJ Reader.

  4. They should’ve brought in Bienemy but the Brown family had to go cheap with Zac Shula and his inexperienced staff. As I approach the mid-century mark I wonder why I continue to watch. Glutton for punishment I guess,

  5. Geno is a class act. Zac Shula must go. Almost as if Mike Brown is letting this prolong so we can be thankful he gave us Marvin for 16 years. Mike Brown….the ultimate horrible boss.

  6. Atkins and Dunlap should have been gone instead of extended a third time. All these guys calling Taylor a Shula are not in touch. These old slow guys are a detriment. It sucks to not be needed. So long. The Bengals make strange decisions, no doubt. We critique harshly because of the 90’s. That’s a fact. Manning was on a 3-13 team his first year. He was there because the team was a 2-14 team and was terrible enough to get him. Lewis was done with coaching. Terrible drafts. Obueghi, Fisher, Ross, Price… He always preferred vets. Now they’re slow and complaining. Hubbard, Lawson, Reader, Tupou are the future. Sure wish Tupou didn’t opt out. This team will be a winner. Sooner rather than later. They move the ball and are scoring points. Rookies all over the field. I guess what I’m saying is have a bit of patience. Taylor had a pile of garbage last year. He’s feeling the pressure. He’s also not going anywhere unless he can’t put a contender on the field next year. Y’all saw Dalton with weapons Monday night didn’t you?

  7. Uhhh you’ve been injured Geno and from what I saw this last game you didn’t do squat. A big fan of yours but c’mon. Get back to what you were and I’m sure they will play you more.

  8. Dunlap + Atkins to Seattle for Jacob Hollister, Cedric Ogbuhi (spelling), and a next year 4th.

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