Report: Raiders signing David Irving

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Free agent defensive lineman David Irving is getting a second (third?) chance in the NFL.

Irving, who has not played since 2018, is signing with the Raiders, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

The NFL reinstated Irving on Oct. 16, and he visited the Raiders soon after.

He will rejoin Raiders defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, who was the Cowboys defensive coordinator and defensive line coach when Irving played in Dallas. Irving had 12.5 sacks in 37 games over four seasons with the Cowboys.

The league suspended him in March 2019 when he was a free agent, and the Cowboys had no intention of re-signing him.

Irving retired from the NFL.

He now is returning.

11 responses to “Report: Raiders signing David Irving

  1. If Aldon Smith can go from the Raiders to the Cowboys (after suspension) and look really good again, why can’t Irving leave the Cowboys for the Raiders (after suspension) and look just as good? Great low risk/high reward signing here.

  2. Raiders and Mr. Davis give second chances to people that deserve it–Hopefully he can learn off Waller and become a better man and a premier player that will knock the block off an opposing Quarterbacks. Welcome to Vegas now stay CLEAN !

  3. I said this as soon as he was reinstated. He fits our scheme with Marinelli, and he can play inside and out. He pops off the screen when you watch old Cowboys’ games. He will have an impact on the team this season, no doubt. With Nassib missing time, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Irving in the next week or two depending on how fast they can get him into shape and up to speed. he won’t be on the PS very long.

  4. “Kyle Thompson says:
    This dude has a lot of problems.”

    Which are? He’s been made a millionaire through football. And when he retired he invested fully in CBD business and the like. He’s doing very well financially off the field. His only “problem” is he likes to smoke weed, and he’s made money off it. I have that “problem” too. Million of people have that “problem.”

    It’s what Marlo Stanfield calls “one of them good problems.”

  5. Climb the mountain one step at a time. The Raiders just got a little better. A move in the right direction.

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