Washington Football Team could keep non-name name into 2021

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The Washington Football Team may continue to be the Washington Football Team. At least for another year.

Via NBC Sports Washington, team president Jason Wright said that the team could keep its non-name name into 2021.

“Next year is fast,” Wright said regarding the possibility of changing the name before the 2021 campaign. “There’s a pretty good chance we will be the Washington Football Team next season.”

Team owner Daniel Snyder has said that “Washington Football Team” could end up being the permanent name of the franchise. Wright’s comments suggest that there will eventually be a new name.

“Next year is fast, because of how the brand has to come together, through uniforms, through the approval process, through the league, all of that,” Wright said.

Many like the Washington Football Team name and uniforms. Fans would like the names and uniforms even more if the team would start winning.

29 responses to “Washington Football Team could keep non-name name into 2021

  1. They should just name the team Washington Pigskins. Pigskin is a classic term used for a Football, Fans can call them the Skins again, and the “pig” is a call back to the Hogs

  2. We have the NY Football “Giants” and Washington Football “Team”. There logo should just be “Team”, would not be the worst message to be send.

  3. This has filtered down to youth flag football. My kid’s team beat the Washington Football team last Sunday., Imagine paying 85 bucks and that’s the jersey your kids gets.

  4. Good for Snyder. He does own the team. I can understand if he has an attitude of PC groups forced the name to be dropped, but dang if they can force me to name it something else. He does stick to his guns.

  5. I’ll be the first to admit I thought that the name/logo shouldn’t have been removed, but at the same time the numbers on the helmets and classic logo branding gives it an old school feel like the browns going out with just the basic orange helmet.

    It just kind of works.

  6. Just think if they were good this year people would want them to be the Football Team forever. To a European soccer fan where half the teams are just Football Club it probably sounds completely normal.

  7. People like the name? I hope they change it, WFT is horrible I’m rooting for Redwolves but I guess we’ll see

  8. A few years back the fans used the nickname the Hogs. Some of the men fans even dressed up as Miss Piggee. I suggest they become the Washington Hogs!

  9. Longtime Skins fan here… usually I’d go out of my way to watch every single snap of every game. This year I’ve watched only 2 games: the ones on tv in my local market. U don’t have an emotional attachment to the team anymore.

  10. I like the ‘throwback’ nature of it, although ‘Washington Football Club’, aka DC FC, would be a bit better for branding.

  11. Keeping the name “Football Team” would be a failure of imagination on the magnitude of keeping the name “Jazz” when your NBA team moves from New Orleans to Utah or naming your kid John when your family name is Smith.

  12. Good way to drive the few remaining fans away. Throw up your hands and call them nothing. This is about what I’d expect from a “nothing” owner.

  13. shoepik says:
    October 20, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Good for Snyder. He does own the team. I can understand if he has an attitude of PC groups forced the name to be dropped, but dang if they can force me to name it something else. He does stick to his guns.

    Actually, it’s just a way to make a little extra money. He can continue to sell WFT gear and people will continue to buy it because it will be a collectors item once they adopt a new name. Then, once they do change names they will be able to sell all new merchandise with the new branding on it …and every team gets a bump in sales when they change uniforms/names…it’s just business, nothing more.

  14. Washington Football Team is the dumbest, most unoriginal name ever. Just go with Washington Sentinels for the movie “The Replacements.” Those uniforms are decent. They can do the “electric slide” dance after scoring a TD.

  15. Synder caved in because he wants $$$ for a new stadium. It is a shame they have to select a new name.

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