Baker Mayfield doesn’t “give a damn” about the critics

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The Browns have started 4-2. However, their four wins have been bookended by blowout losses, 38-6 at Baltimore and 38-7 at Pittsburgh.

As a result, the Browns have taken plenty of heat this week. Much of it has focused on quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Asked by reporters on Wednesday about the critics, Mayfield said (via Mary Kay Cabot of, “I don’t give a damn what they say.”

The choice of words would suggest that he does give a damn what they say, and that he’s irritated by the questions that have lingered. Some think the Browns should move on from him. Others think Case Keenum should get a chance to start. It’s odd to see that after the team won four games in a row.

Although Mayfield insists he remains confident, he added that “4-2 never felt so much like 0-6.”

Browns fans need to realize they’re a long way from 0-6 or, as the case may be, 4-44 from 2015 through 2017. However, as the Browns develop the ability to win games against average and below-average teams, they need to bust through and beat an elite team in order to persuade those who say that Mayfield is closer to average or below average himself.

The schedule includes several potential wins over the final 10 games, from the Bengals on Sunday to the Texans to the Eagles to the Jaguars to the Jets and Giants in consecutive weeks at MetLife Stadium. That points to 10-6 for the first time since 2007, and a likely playoff berth in a seven-team AFC field.

Still, it’s in the other four games where the Browns will need to show they’re good enough to compete,  whether it’s the Raiders or the Titans or the Ravens or the Steelers. Cleveland and Mayfield will need to win one of those games — or at least be competitive — to get people to believe that the first playoff appearance in 18 years will be anything other than a blowout loss to whoever lands in the conference’s No. 2 seed.

26 responses to “Baker Mayfield doesn’t “give a damn” about the critics

  1. Baker, we have been watching this same horror show for 20 years….practically you’re entire existence. When you watch losing and quarterback regression, coupled with general ineptitude, this is what you get. If you didn’t regularly throw horrendous, momentum draining interceptions at the worst times, maybe you wouldn’t catch so much crap.


    Cleveland Browns fans were drooling over weak schedule stat hype
    overrated drafted too high “hometown” boy notre dame brady quinn

    Good times!!!

  3. Soon enough the Browns won’t give a damn about Baker Mayfield and he’ll be out of the NFL and back home living on the past.

  4. Armchair quarterbacks don’t get “bruised ribs” and start an NFL game against the top team for sacking and attacking quarterbacks. Browns could wind up 10-6 instead of 2-14.

  5. I have watched all the Brown’s game this year and Baker is an average QB. If you stop the run and tell Baker to throw to win, the Browns will lose. Their Winning streak began when the team started running the ball, and Baker could play-action and run bootleg from it.

    But when the Browns played Pittsburgh and Baltimore, two teams that can stop the run, Baker became the average QB he is. With the talent he has around him on offense, Baker should be having a pro bowl/MVP year.

  6. The critics are saying he needs to get better. He does. I get ignoring “the haters” but there’s substantive stuff being said about him.

  7. BTW baker was playing Well (yes, check the stats) on the year prior to the rib injury in the second half against indy

  8. Once they let the fans into the stadium and they start booing big time he will care. I do think the defense is a big problem too, its not just him. He didnt allow all those points.

  9. johngaltx says:
    October 21, 2020 at 12:10 pm
    Armchair quarterbacks don’t get “bruised ribs” and start an NFL game against the top team for sacking and attacking quarterbacks. Browns could wind up 10-6 instead of 2-14.


    As a Vikings fan, you need to recognize subpar QB play and move on instead of doubling down. Despite being surrounded by great offensive talent… he is 16-19 as a starting QB with a 60% completion rate (low) and a 1.5 to 1 TD/Int ratio. Those are not good metrics

  10. 4-2 feels so bad because they were absolutely outclassed & humiliated by the Ravens & Steelers and the #1 overall pick is not the expected difference maker. Even worse,Mayfield looks more like a career clipboard holder.

  11. “On to Cincinnati” fits, but it does not have quite the same impact coming from someone who hasn’t won anything yet.

  12. Don’t worry Baker , you will always have that highlight drive against Washington in the first preseason game a few years ago … The no huddle drive for a TD against a bunch of 4th stringers … then celebrating it … lol scrub

  13. Baker is a QB who will get you 6 to 8 wins a season period. For Browns fans that should be enough. You don’t deserve more, you’re the BROWNS.

  14. Take it easy Baker – you’ll make plenty of money as a backup QB for the next 10 years and get plenty of spot duty

    Hell even Kyle Boller hung around for a few years as a backup

  15. Why are people constantly associating the Browns with the playoffs when they haven’t had a.500 season since 2007? Seriously, WHY?

  16. lol. Baker’s critics are smelling blood and they are not going to stop. He is under the microscope now.

  17. 3rd year in the league. 3rd. different offensive system. It looks like Stefanski has what it takes to stick as a HC. Ravens and Steelers both have 10+ yrs. coaching/system continuity. The lack of preseason hurts also. I’m not saying Baker’s the real deal. I’m just saying, under the circumstances, it’s too early to say he’s not.

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