LSU bans Odell Beckham from football facilities for two years

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Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham is no longer welcome at his alma mater’s football program.

LSU has banned Beckham from its football facilities for the next two years over NCAA rule violations, according to

Beckham was spotted handing out cash to LSU players immediately following the team’s National Championship Game win over Clemson in January. LSU initially claimed the money was fake but later acknowledged that it was real, after players said Beckham had given them genuine $100 bills. The school said Beckham handed out $2,000 in all.

LSU also agreed to self-impose other penalties, including scholarship reductions and recruiting limitations, for other NCAA violations unrelated to Beckham.

“LSU has worked proactively and in cooperation with the NCAA to identify and self-report any violations that occurred within our football program,” LSU said in a statement. “We believe these self-imposed penalties are appropriate and we will continue to coordinate and cooperate with the NCAA on this matter.”

Beckham played three seasons at LSU and was a first-team All-American and winner of the Paul Hornung Award for the most versatile player in college football in 2013.

21 responses to “LSU bans Odell Beckham from football facilities for two years

  1. I doubt I am in the minority, but I could not care any less that this man was handing out money to college kids. Maybe they are just mad some money in college football ended up in the hands of people who actually deserve it. Can’t have that now can we?

  2. It’s against the rules to hand out money? I guess I should confess to the police that I’ve given homeless persons cash, huh? So they can ban me from Buffalo, at the very least. How dare I

  3. So when will alabama be investigated for once? They won’t dare investigate their almighty Saban.

  4. In the meantime, wealthy boosters are in their private boxes dishing out million dollar checks to the Athletic Director but nothing to see there!

  5. This player is a tarnish on football period, stands on sidelines pouting with no shoes on as other busting their butts on the field. Handing out money. look at me how important Iam. Please

  6. OBJ should have an XFL name on the back of his jersey like “IT’s ALL ABOUT ME”

  7. Quite a few of these college players were given full ride scholarships. They shouldn’t earn a dime playing sports. They’re already saving tens of thousands of dollars with having private tutors, dorm rooms paid for, and free food. If some have to pay for stuff, who cares. There are so many that end up getting drafted that end up making more in two games than your average joe earns in two years of working full time.

  8. This makes LSU’s initial lie that the money was “fake” all the worse. They knew it was real when the players came off the field.

  9. The hypocrisy notwithstanding, anyone banned from the COVID-19 hot spots of LSU facilities should be grateful.

  10. Wasn’t there an issue involving assaulting a security guard or something like that in the locker room as well ?

  11. Joe Burrow’s eligibility ended with the last whistle. I imagine there were few others in that category also. Beckham was definitely stupid to jeopardize everyone else’s eligibility, and those players should have had enough sense to know not to openly accept money like that.
    You can whine that the rules are archaic & unfair, but while they are still in effect you should follow them.

  12. When an NFL player, no matter WHO it is, violates the Code of Conduct of the NFL, He should be punished accordingly. OBJ is no exception in my mind. He broke NCAAF rules, while an active member of the NFL, and should be fined, AND suspended for a period of time.

  13. Well deserved. OBJ was drunk and acting like a buffoon after the game. He made sure to put the spotlight on himself.

  14. All the money college’s make on players is a travesty, Pay the players stop ripping them off

  15. he will likely be a child and buffoon all his life. that said, the ncaa and member athletic departments are the definition of hypocrisy .

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