Pete Carroll on Antonio Brown: “We’ll see what happens”

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Receiver Antonio Brown is eligible to return to practice and play after Week Eight. With Week Eight coming quickly, rumors and reports and speculation are emerging regarding his next destination.

Last year, the Seahawks were linked to Brown, as an alternative to Josh Gordon. They signed Gordon instead.

This year, they have Gordon on the roster. However, he still hasn’t been cleared to return from his latest suspension.

And so chatter has re-emerged of Brown and the Seahawks. Coach Pete Carroll was asked about the possibility on Wednesday. Here’s what he said: “We have endeavored to be in on everything that’s going on and [G.M.] John [Schneider] has done a marvelous job of always being tuned in to what’s happening. And this is no exception. So we’ll see what happens as we go forward.”

As Simms and I discussed on PFT Live, things could get very interesting as it relates to Brown. If the Seahawks show interest, other NFC teams may develop an interest — if for no reason other than to keep him from the Seahawks.

In Tampa, quarterback Tom Brady reportedly has made a push for Brown to join the team. Coach Bruce Arians, who spent two years with Brown in Pittsburgh, has strongly resisted the possibility. With constant injuries issues among the team’s receivers, it arguably wouldn’t hurt to have another healthy body, especially if that body belongs to Antonio Brown.

Then there are the Packers. What could Brown do with Aaron Rogers throwing him passes? The Saints, who visited with Brown last year, could decide to get in on it, just to keep Brown away from the Bucs or the Seahawks or the Saints.

Time will tell whether someone signs Brown. With plenty of good NFC teams that don’t seem to be ready to compete with the best the AFC has to offer, someone from the NFC could end up making the push to add Brown once he’s available.

45 responses to “Pete Carroll on Antonio Brown: “We’ll see what happens”

  1. Antonio Brown can be a great asset to any team. Of course, he can also be a locker room cancer that destroys a team.

    Somehow, I don’t think that Brown has learned any lessons.

  2. Why would opposing teams want to keep Brown AWAY from their rivals? If anything it would be the exact opposite, considering the distraction he is

  3. Holy Jeepers! Packers make so much sense. He’s the number 1 receiver immediately, which keeps the ego in check. Potential drama aside – Rogers with Brown is a Superbowl. Guaranteed.

  4. Brady wants the Bucs to sign him, but Arians doesn’t want to. I’m sure the coach knows what he’s doing.

  5. WR is the one area where the Hawks are in good shape. Unless the intent is just to stash him on the bench as a WR4 or WR5, I hope it’s just diversionary tactics.

  6. Pete Carroll is the type of guy that blames the teacher when his kid gets in trouble.

  7. Would be interested if anyone could quantify how much harboring a “distraction” actually affects a team. How much is a team’s performance actually affected by what some guy does when he’s not on the football field? My bet is that this angle is overplayed.

  8. AB with a young coach like LaFleur will be a disaster. A locker room like Philadelphia or New Orleans with an experienced SB winning coach stand a better chance.

  9. I used to like Antonio Brown a lot as I root for the Steelers but two to three years before the Steelers traded him you could see the change in his attitude and the way he interacted with the other players so whatever team signs him Good Luck I believe he has a case of CTE.

  10. None of the teams you have listed would ever work because they already all have #1 receivers and Brown will absolutely NEVER be fine with getting fewer passes. Look at what happened with JuJu.

  11. “Brady reportedly has made a push for Brown to join the team”

    Reported by who?

    It’s no secret that Brady pushed Bilichick to get Brown and likely still wants him now that he’s with Tampa. Arians knows better.

  12. “Pete will sell his soul to win a game.”

    Oily Pete already sold his soul twice, might go for the trifecta with Brown.

  13. Antonio Brown and Earl Thomas both deserve one year, incentive heavy contracts with the NY Jets.

  14. Seattle all the sudden plays offense in all 4 quarters and they are 5-0. Why not grab another stud on offense?

  15. Definitely signing with Seattle and they are going to feast with AB collecting targets from day one.

  16. Here’s just what the Doctor ordered for Antonio Brown: Green Bay, Wisconsin…During a Pandemic… In the Winter.

  17. Remember that anything AB does is for exactly 7 regular season games (at most) + playoffs. This is not the AB who signed a long term contract and it’s not the off-season where he can get into more trouble.
    Dude wants a ring. Pure and simple. Only a few teams like the Seahawks, GB, Tampa give him that and he’ll sign and give his best for about 12 weeks… and he’s gone.
    That’s why this is perfect for any team.
    Seattle is thousands of miles from his Homies. Probably the best spot. Rains a lot.
    GB is way too cold, but he did play in Pittsburgh.
    Coach in TB already blew it off. Too close to his Homies.

  18. Per Pete Carroll:

    “Do you know why 31 of 32 NFL teams stayed away from this locker room cancer? No game plan!”

  19. Pete is a smart coach, trust him. I do t like the Seahawks but I respect the heck out of them

  20. Lol they need defenders, not another WR.

    As for Bucs, isn’t it funny how the coach who has worked with him doesn’t want him. NO-ONE who has worked with him wants him.

  21. I would have no problem with the eagles signing brown as long as it was a minimum contract and brown is fully aware it will just be for thia season and nothing going forward. I have no issue giving him a prove contract.

    I would never sign that dude long term. It doesnt matter how good he is. He is a team and quarterback killer.

  22. Very odd thing to even consider if you’re Seattle. Already leading the league in TD’s scored with an offense that is firing on all cylinders. Why take targets away from DK and Lockett and potentially invite wildly unnecessary bleached-mustache drama in the process?

  23. Can he rush the passer? Can he play cornerback? If he can’t do either of those things, the Seahawks don’t need him.

  24. If anyone thinks he has changed they’re delusional. The problem now is his antics off the field outweigh the benefit of him being on the field. Any team that signs him deserves him.

  25. Fayld says:
    October 21, 2020 at 7:05 pm
    He should sign with the Raiders. I hear they still have his old helmet and jersey.
    He played more for the Patriots then he did for the Raiders and even that was only one game.

  26. If he is paired with an elite QB, I think he has the capability of reaching the high level he had with Big Ben. Rodgers, Wilson, and Brady could make it happen. And … why not Mahomes?

  27. Why in the world would any team, especially the Seahawks need/want Brown, a proven team disruptor? If you say to keep him away from someone else…LOL to that one. Everyone saw what happens when he isn’t the center of attention. I highly, highly doubt much has changed with Brown. Time will tell…

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