Ryan Fitzpatrick on benching: “My heart just hurt all day”

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Ever since the Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa in the first round this April, Ryan Fitzpatrick has said all the right things when it comes to acknowledging that the rookie is the future of the quarterback position in Miami.

Fitzpatrick just didn’t expect the future to come so soon. Fitzpatrick is coming off two strong games in wins that have the Dolphins at 3-3 through three weeks, but he was benched by head coach Brian Flores this week and it was clear when he spoke to reporters that the news hit him hard.

“I was shocked by it,” Fitzpatrick said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “It definitely caught me off guard. It was a hard thing for me to hear yesterday, just digesting the news. My heart just hurt all day.”

Fitzpatrick has been benched before, but said this one hit different because of how invested he was in the Dolphins and “felt it was my team” as a result. He said he hasn’t thought about what comes next for him beyond wondering if he’s played for the last time, but did say he won’t “go in there and ask or demanding anything” involving a move to a different team this season.

The Dolphins would probably be unlikely to make such a move given the chance that they’ll need to use a different quarterback at some point in the next 10 games and that likely leaves Fitzpatrick to play out the year as one of the top backup options in the entire league.

97 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick on benching: “My heart just hurt all day”

  1. After seeing this headline and knowing Fitz, you really weren’t sure if he was joking around?

    C’mon he knew this was coming even if sooner than expected.

  2. He earned the chance to keep it going, especially in a weak AFCE and an extra playoff spot. If he loses the magic, you put in Tua. Fans will watch and have playoff hope, and then they’d watch for Tua. Odd move, Fitz has been fun to watch this year.

  3. You’d think Ryan would in the least understand with that Ivy League education that the nfl is a business and 1st round QBs don’t warm benches for long. 🙄

  4. Such a weird move to bench a quarterback who has a less than stellar team in contention for a wild card spot and plays hard every week. Strange indeed

  5. Fitzpatrick can now join the ranks of Miami retirees enjoying the weather, playing shuffelboard, going to Bingo, and collect his millions. Fritz is well deserving.

  6. so what happens if Tua is not ready and they start losing? They are only one game back in the division for goodness sake!

  7. Everyone knew that Tua was the future of the team. Flores simply decided it is time to begin that future.

  8. Don’t understand pulling him when he’s hot. Because now if Tua has a bad game they will be wanting Fitz back.

  9. What did you guys expect?? Fitz is a national treasure and a true competitor but this a rebuilding team who just invested a top 10 pick on a QB. That QB plays when they think it’s a good time, of course Fitz should be pissed for some time because he’s a competitor but he knows the deal. He got them to 3-3 and hopefully did enough to have a chance to start somewhere else next year with a team in a similar spot.

  10. Just when it was looking like the Dolphins could become a competent franchise they went and pulled this move. Not cool.

  11. Vs. The Jets the Dolphins were 1-9 on 3rd down and Fitz threw 2 picks. The one third down converted was by Tua. Let’s get off the narative Fitz got shafted. He was awful vs. the Jets. I’m sure this horrible game added to Tua’s arrival

  12. Fitzmagic was balling out, can’t blame him for being shocked. He certainly wasn’t the problem.

  13. The Dolphins are .500 and Fitz by all metrics has earned the right to keep his job. This is a selfish move by the organization to put their prized first round pick in, ahead of winning games.

  14. While it sucks for Fitzpatrick. This was more about Tua being ready, and not about Fitz being good enough. I think the bye week was always the plan, it was expedited because of the original bye was switched due to Covid.

  15. Seems like owner interference or an imagined sense of panic by Flores. Either scenario doesn’t bode well for Flores and the Dolphins going forward .

  16. Fitzpatrick is one of the most likable characters in the NFL. Let him play for a playoffs shot

  17. This has to be one of the worst moves ever. I feel for Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’s going to come back to bite them. It’s also a good way for a coach to lose the locker room.

  18. The call was probably made by ownership. When you draft a QB in the first round, whether it’s a mistake or not, the owner wants that guy to play. Maybe the owner thinks he has an Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes situation with Fitz and Tua. Regardless, this is probably the beginning of the end for the coach. Good QB’s get coaches into the HOF. Bad QB’s get coaches into the unemployment line.

  19. I think Flores had to make the switch, the Fitz train was picking up steam. If Flores didnt pull him now, Miami could go on a winning streak. Cant let that happen.

  20. I am a little surprised of Flores’s arrogance since arriving there, unless this came from Ross or Grier.

    Regardless, when Miami starts to lose games from
    here on out, the locker room will be lost.

  21. Tua was a high 1st round pick and they only have him for 5 years (until his next contract). Nobody should be surprised when that guy gets put into the game.

  22. Nothing right about this for Fitz Magic. Guy was playing solid and team is in the playoff hunt. Garbage move by Flores and the Front Office. I bet a heavy dose of karma derails the teams season.

  23. Bad form by Flores not to sit with Fitz and explain the thought process and treat him like a human being.

    Doesn’t bode well for Tua’s development when the coach is going to treat talent solely as a commodity.

  24. He knew it was coming. Still, it can’t be easy especially when you’re not giving anyone a reason to pull you.

  25. Hurting I understand. Shocked; I don’t. The draft pick set the stage. The majority of folks following the draft/NFL thought by the bye, he would be starting.

  26. Loved Fitzy when he was with Tampa, was even better with the Bucs throwing for 400 yards 3 straight games or something crazy like that. Good quarterback, good guy. Every damn team needs a little fitzmagic

  27. Tua is the Dolphins future. Fitz is the Dolphins presence. Fitz had the ‘Fins playing good football and in the playoff race. It seems a strange to make at QB switch at this time, unless it came down from above.

  28. Fitz was play to well. He became a threat to the plan.

    Sounds like no one told Fitz what the plan was though…

    This is the first knock against Flores, this could have been better communicated.

  29. If Tua balls out against the Rams on Nov 1st, Fitz is gone by the trading deadline on Nov 3rd.

  30. Let’s forget the fact that you say the Dolphins wouldnt be likely to move him because even if they wanted to move him no one is given up anything of value for Fitz and no team would trade for and start Fitz. At best he would be dealt to be a backup on a playoff contender so he still wouldn’t be playing.

  31. Not a very classy move by the Dolphins. They should do the right thing now and release him so he can sign on with another team. I’m no Patriots fan, but that would be pretty funny if they picked him up and won the division with him.

  32. Dolphins being Dolphins. Tua will break again and they’ll be back to Fitzy before year end.

  33. The guy is 3-3 and you change quarterbacks Hmmmm well since I shot myself in the foot I might as well shoot myself in the other foot.. He is a genius if he succeeds and a goat if he fails

  34. Fitz wasn’t that good in that game against a weak Jets defense. We all know that once Fitz starts having issues, it gets worse before it gets better. The time was perfect to replace him with Tua, with an extra week to prep and get ready. Smart move by Flores which I believe will result in many more wins for the Fins.

  35. I hope it works out. Hats off to Fitz, he’s still got it. Good career and one of the best backups you could ask for.

  36. Fitz always gets a team to over perform then when they stop over performing he gets the blame for it

  37. It’s kinda like dating a 10 when you’re a 5 or 6 and then you say you’re heart-broken when she inevitably dumps you…

  38. Fitzy is all class.
    Loved when he was here in Buffalo.
    Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of Fitz roasting Fred Jackson. HILLARIOUS !!!

  39. I’m sure he’s disappointed but he shouldn’t be surprised as this was the plan all along and he knew that.

  40. Building a culture of not rewarding loyalty and success. I wonder how that will turn out?

  41. I hope they have the decency to trade him somewhere he can compete because this is saying that this year is about Tua’s development #1, not winning.

  42. Terrible for Fitz. But he has made 64M in his career. Not bad for the 36th pick of the 7th round! 250th overall.

  43. Sell high. I absolutely love Fitz, but history has shown that following peaks there are soul-crushing valleys. I think Flores is making the change now before those valleys come, rather than lose a game or two that they might have won had Fitz not had a down week. There will be growing pains with Tua, but the sooner he grows through those pains the sooner he gets to the other side when the Fins can become real contenders.

  44. He said the same thing when he cost the Jets a playoff spot five years ago. Fitz is a nice bridge QB but as the season goes on the drop-off kicks in.

    Bottom line: You can’t leave the Porsche in the garage forever while trying to squeeze those last few miles out the Ford Pinto…

  45. This is why Miami has been terrible for 40 years. There’s no reason to bench Fitzmagic while he’s playing well and winning games. Wait until his first stinker and then bench him. Fitz only be benched for a bout 3 games before little fragile Tua gets hurt. Tua got hurt multiple times behind a top 5 OL at Alabama, and last time I checked Miami doesn’t have a top OL.

  46. So many rookie quarterbacks are ruined by being thrown in their first year. There’s no telling how many first round quarterbacks that could have been great, washed out because they simply weren’t ready. Expensive gamble

  47. Don’t think they would’ve beat out the Bills or Pats but he at least should’ve had the chance to continue until they were out of contention.

    Good luck Fitzy.

  48. I feel for Fitz, but Tua came in and completed the only 3rd Down Conversion for the phins.

  49. Guess they don’t know what happens when fitz has a qb in front of him. Tua is going to get hurt now.

  50. I believe this was management’s decision, either GM Chris Grier, Owner Stephen Ross or both of them. Coach Flores was very upset that he didn’t have the chance to tell his team before the information got out. Why would he allow the press to find out before his players? I know Chris Grier and him have a good working relationship, so I’m leaning towards Mr. Ross.

  51. For all the guys saying Fitz should remain the starter, what happened to all those saying why waste a 1st rd pick on a bench warmer? Which is it?

  52. I wonder if this was the original plan before the beginning of the season to start Tua before the bye week. They just never expected Fitz’ magic would resurface and create this awkward moment.

  53. Fitzpatrick is what he is. Sure he was having a good year, but let’s not forget he wasn’t beating great teams out there. This honestly comes off as a plan all along from Miami to do this. I like him and he’s an average starter, I wouldn’t want him on my team starting, but I’m sure some team will give him that shot next year

  54. Note to Fitzpatrick, you won too many games, dude. The Dolphin ownership wanted to get in on the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes and dangle Tua as trade bait. The Jets may not win a game this year.

  55. For all those saying bench Fitz prior to the midseason letdown, I get it. He’s typically got a 4 game window of brilliance then it all goes to hell in a hand basket.
    For that guy who said something about Tua being a Porsche, do you mean a car you cannot drive more than 500 miles without something breaking? Because thats who Tua is. He was oft injured in college with horrific competition most games.
    I don’t love nor hate the guy. But when you’re injured every season in college, you’re going to have the same issues in the pros – Fournette, Hardesty, TJ Yeldon, and on and on. All the guys mentioned had repeated ankle injuries, much like Tua. If it’s not his hip, it will be the ankle again.
    Tua should sit and heal so they can build through the draft and hope for a good QB draft class in 2022 when Tua will inevitably be recovering from another major injury.

  56. Zee Bobby says:
    October 21, 2020 at 4:29 pm
    Fitzy is all class.
    Loved when he was here in Buffalo.
    Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of Fitz roasting Fred Jackson. HILLARIOUS !!!

    I looked it up. You are correct. It is HILARIOUS!

  57. In a year where they could possibly go 2ND in the afc east and a longshot for a playoff game they pull this ? Completely idiotic and they’re going to regret it when they realize Tua isn’t ready at all and then have to bench him for Fitzpatrick.

    What was so bad about letting Tua sit ? Learn from the sidelines like Mahomes or Rodgers …dolphins are going to dolphin I guess

  58. Brian Flores likely to join the rest of the large group of FAILED Belicheat coaching offspring !

  59. Sure, Fitz knew Tua was the guy long-term, but clearly he wasn’t given any indication that this change was coming so soon. Flores at the very least could’ve prepared Fitz for this ahead of time.

    Communication with your starting QB, a placeholder for the young first rounder, isn’t difficult, and Fitz deserved that respect.

  60. Fitz is a good guy and I loved his time in Buffalo. You can question his level of ability but not his heart. Anyone who has figured out how to stay in the league as long as he has deserves credit.

  61. Fitz needs to go to a team where he’ll be appreciated. Dude can still play and much better than some of the starters in the league.

  62. my8ballsays says:
    October 22, 2020 at 11:14 am

    Fitz needs to go to a team where he’ll be appreciated.

    He’d better hurry up, because he is running out of teams.

  63. I’ma drop some knowledge on you all. No team Fitzy left made the playoffs the following year (except the Texans which doesn’t count because at 7-9 they won their sorry ass division and got wrecked wild card round.) Why is that? Because he’s never had good teams around him. When he has had just a decent teams around him such as his 1st year with the Jets he went 10-6 and but that’s the year the 7-9 Texans team made the playoffs and the Jets missed. Now his 2nr year with the Jets they lost LT D’brickashaw Ferguson to retirement, let AFCs leading rusher Chris Ivory leave and Eric Decker getting IRed in week 3 along with Cromartie leaving being replaced by Buster Skrine, plus Reeves and Calvin Pryor forget how to stop a pass and waited til half of preseason was up to finally sign Fitz back killing his preseason which hurt him when Decker went down, since they had no one ready to fill the role. He was playing great for Tampa when he had 2 top WRs with Evans and Jackson even though they had 0 run game and a bottom of the league defense. Everyone was sure the Dolphins were gonna be the worst team last year but what happened? FITZ HAPPENED. He was Miami’s leading rusher and lead them in rushing TDs, Passing yards and passing TDs and was pressured on 30+% of his drop backs and still threw the ball well. So well that Devonte Parker had a break out season finally eliminating the bust label from him. Hes done nothing but make every offensive player better on the Dolphins just as he’s done in the past. Just like Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson with the Bills and how DeAndre Hopkins break out season was when Fitz was the QB on a Texans team that Andre Johnson and Foster were injured basically the whole time Fitz was under center until he broke his leg against the Colts. The man gets better and better as he’s gotten older yet teams still don’t give him any faith but teams will throw Cousins 80 mil, Stafford 100+mil and Tannehill 100+mil. This is the type of move that could kill Tuas career. Bringing him back to play the Rams secondary and defensive front.

  64. This move was simply to put more fannies in the seats. Of course in Miami it’s hard to tell a “covid” crowd from a “normal” one.

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