Shoulder keeps Rob Gronkowski out of practice Wednesday

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Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski spiked the ball with his left hand after catching a touchdown last Sunday and said that his ailing right shoulder was the reason why he went that route.

Gronkowski said his shoulder wasn’t giving him too much trouble, but it’s enough of an issue that the team had him sit out of practice on Wednesday. Absent any other information, the assumption is that he’ll be good to go against the Raiders on Sunday.

Quarterback Tom Brady took a rest day alongside his longtime teammate Wednesday.

The two veterans were the only players to sit out of the team’s first practice of the week. Safety Andrew Adams (hamstring), linebacker Lavonte David (knee), wide receiver Mike Evans (ankle), defensive lineman William Gholston (bicep), wide receiver Chris Godwin (hamstring), wide receiver Scotty Miller (hip, groin), linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul (knee), and safety Antoine Winfield Jr. (shoulder) were all listed as limited participants.

5 responses to “Shoulder keeps Rob Gronkowski out of practice Wednesday

  1. Gronkowski has taken a beating catching passes from Brady. I was surprised he came back for more after retirement.

  2. I wonder if the genius Bellichick will win a super bowl without Brady?


    I said before that Belichick is a product of Brady, all of Belichick’s “greatness” is built on Brady’s ability of turning cheap receivers into play makers so that Belichick didn’t have to pay a lot on players for an offense that played better than Peyton’s offense in playoff, better than Brees’ offense in playoff, better than Rodgers’ offense in playoff.

    I was 100% sure about it because I know how Brady turned cheap receivers, like Troy Brown in 2001(!!!), ino play makers, and it has nothing to do with Belichick. Now those who believe in Belichick get first taste how it will be like when Belichick doesn’t have Brady. It is just the beginning!!!

  3. Belichek is a hall of fame coach. Brady was great because bel had him drilled exactly where to go in every possible defense on every single play. And he had his receiver knowing where to be on that same defense.

    NE won so much they are low on draft picks. And he hasnt had time to drill cam newton in a corona shortened camp. But in a year or 2 they will be back in the superbowl. Long after brady starts looking like any other good qb. And the talk shows will spend hours debating if he needed belichick or a better line or he is just old. It will be belichwxk missing

  4. Brady was great because bel had him drilled exactly where to go in every possible defense on every single play


    You are pulling “earth must be flat because I can’t see it is round”.

    Look away from intended receivers so to freeze defenders or fool defenders for bit moment.

    That is how IN 2001, Brady was able to keep couple of more drives alive and score, which had nothing to do with Belichick.

    Nothing spectacular, but it is 3-10 more points per games, that is about 100 points in 16 games, which turned Pats around IN 2001.

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