Raiders’ COVID-19 compliance under review after Trent Brown tests positive

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Raiders offensive tackle Trent Brown has tested positive for COVID-19 and the rest of the starting offensive line is isolating at home, and now an investigation is underway into whether COVID-19 violations took place within the team.

The NFL and NFL Players Association are reviewing the matter because it is believed Brown hadn’t been wearing the mandatory tracking device to aid in contact tracing after a player tests positive, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. Other offensive linemen are also under investigation for a group gathering in which they weren’t wearing masks.

The Raiders also placed cornerback Damon Arnette on the COVID-19 reserve list, and safety Johnathan Abram is currently isolated, so the matter is not restricted to the offensive line.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden has already been fined this season for not wearing his mask, and the Raiders were additionally fined for an unauthorized employee being in the locker room in violation of the league’s rules.

The Raiders’ Sunday night game against the Buccaneers is still expected to be played as scheduled.

18 responses to “Raiders’ COVID-19 compliance under review after Trent Brown tests positive

  1. What’s there to investigate? Gruden often doesn’t wear a mask during games. Numerous Raider players threw a gala, maskless party. They dont follow the rules and never have. Book em, Roger.

  2. Of course, the NFL is thinking protocol violation because it’s the Raiders. They’re not thinking because COVID cases are increasing substantially. Safety protocols only slows down transmission, it doesn’t prevent transmission.

  3. Oh please, the Titans held practices when they were told not to , with absolutely no punishment, so the low bar has been set. Why even bother with an investigation!

  4. Trent Brown is looking like a terrible signing. Last year was good, missed some games, but nothing at the time to be too worried about.

    This season however, showed up with a calf issue in training camp, missed all but one game so far, and now shows up to the facility Covid positive after the bye week. The Athletic is reporting that he may or may not have removed his contact tracing device.

    Trent seems like a guy who is all about the money, and himself. Not that I’m surprised. He did leave the Patriots to come here. I hope Gruden and Mayock make a example out of this loser. The Bucs will kick the second string lineman around if the rest of the offensive line can’t go because of Trent’s irresponsibility.

    That being said- I hope he gets healthy.

  5. Come on, get your act together guys. You’re stupidly risking your chance to be seen on national television on Sunday night.

  6. It’s okay, we understand, we’re totally okay with going ahead and playing the game without the Raiders starting offensive line.


    JPP, Suh, Shaq Barrett, Devin White, and Lavonte David

  7. Andy Reid doesn’t wear a mask. The shield he is using is to protect his eyes, and does not stop the spit and snot coming out of his mouth and nose. The eye shield does absolutely no good. PFT doesn’t question this reality. He should be fined.

    As for Brown, he probably got it in Kansas City.

  8. I’d written off Carr as a lost cause, but he’s been playing really well this year. This news might end that.

  9. curtis20 says:
    October 22, 2020 at 2:12 pm
    The Raiders need to have draft picks taken away and forfeit the season.

    You mean just like the Titans did?

  10. Once again. The virus IS a problem for certain people. The vast majority of us can still live out our lives. I had the virus back in March. My fever spiked at 103 for half a day. The entire thing was over in 5 days. People need to be cautious, but this fear thing is going waay too far.

  11. Gee, the NFL looking to screw the raiders over a virus that 99.8% of people survive. Go figure

  12. curtis20 says:
    October 22, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    The Raiders need to have draft picks taken away and forfeit the season.


    Says the scared, sad and pathetic chiefs fan

  13. The NFL isn’t seriously going to have the Raiders play with 5 starting offensive lineman out?

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