Taking a look at the top Week Seven matchups

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Week Seven already is upon us. On every Thursday of every week of the season, Simms and I close out PFT Live with a look at the most compelling individual matchups of the week, draft style.

I mention that for obvious reasons. This week’s matchup draft appears in the attached video.

Plenty of you already have seen it, by watching the show live on Peacock. Or maybe you listened on SiriusXM 211. Or maybe your caught the re-air at 9:00 a.m. ET on NBCSN. Or maybe you’re one of the many in the UK and Ireland who see the show every night on Sky Sports. Or maybe you just dial up the podcast.

For everyone else, here’s your chance to hear what we think. Unlike the other platforms, this gives you a way to directly praise our picks or call us stupid. My money is on the latter.