Texans offensive coordinator calls decision to go for two “a no-brainer”

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Texans interim coach Romeo Crennel made a questionable decision with 1:50 remaining Sunday. Up seven points, he opted to go for two rather than kick the extra point.

Crennel has defended the decision, which resulted in an incomplete pass and a loss to the Titans in overtime.

Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly said it was the right call, even though it didn’t work out.

“If we get it, the game’s over, right?” Kelly said Thursday, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “So, like, that’s a no-brainer. With the players we have, with the quarterback we have, that’s a no-brainer. I would do that 100 percent of the time.

“When Romeo said to go for two, I was the most excited guy in the stadium. Two inches to the left and we’re having a different conversation.”

Deshaun Watson‘s pass to Randall Cobb was incomplete. Even though it didn’t work out for the Texans, analytics supported the decision.

10 responses to “Texans offensive coordinator calls decision to go for two “a no-brainer”

  1. Honestly it was the right call. Think about this – what was more likely: that Deshaun Watson could convert a 2, or that the defense could stop Henry from converting a 2? Give me Watson. A good defense couldn’t have stopped Henry, and the Texans aren’t a good defense.

  2. It was the right decision. The stats say it was the right decision.

    Calling the correct play doesn’t mean that it will work.

  3. The more time I have spent thinking about it, the more I support the decision. Our defense has been awful, and the team basically had a decision to make – allow the Titans to probably march the field and score the tying touchdown, where the win-loss will hinge on the 2-point conversion, or put the ball in the hands of your QB and try to win it right there. They called a great play that was wide open in the end zone, the defensive end just made a great play to knock it down.

    He’s right, two inches to the left and they are being heralded as geniuses.

  4. If it’s such a no-brainer why didn’t they go for 2 earlier in the game? Statistically it’s always made sense to go for 2 every time because that would mean more overall points in the long run. If they’d converted a 2-pointer or two earlier in the game they might have been in a position where they’d have been up 9+ by that final score so it wouldn’t have matter if they’d kicked it or not.

    And the counterpoint to everything the Texans have been saying is that the Titans–the team who won the game–handled it the opposite way and happily kicked the extra point to force OT, despite the fact their defense had given up just as many points as the Texans had.

  5. Still would have been better to force your opponent to have to essentially score two TD’s. One for the 6 points and a 2nd one for 2 points. It is really hard to do that.

    Which is ironic because that’s exactly what the Texans tried to do themselves, when they should have tried to make the other team do it.

  6. I was watching the replay last night and Rich Gannon was beside himself. After Houston failed to convert he said, “I don’t like analytics because they can lead to bad decisions.”

  7. “You kick the extra point and trust your D, period!”

    -guy who hasn’t seen the Texans’ 32nd ranked D

  8. Everyone here still criticizing the decision seems to not understand how profoundly terrible the Texans defense is.

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