Tua Tagovailoa says being healthy enough to start was a journey

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Tua Tagovailoa is now the Dolphins’ starting quarterback, 11 months after suffering a hip injury so bad there were fears it could jeopardize his career.

Tagovailoa said on Wednesday after being named the starter that it’s been a long, difficult experience getting himself healthy enough to play, and he’s not taking anything for granted.

It’s definitely been a journey,” Tagovailoa said, via the Miami Herald. “I definitely think of that injury, when I got hurt, and the process leading up to being able to walk, being able to do football drills, do things in general. I definitely do reflect on that process that I went through. I’m definitely blessed to still be here and be able to play the game I grew up dreaming I’d play.”

The Dolphins are on their bye this week, and next week we’ll see Tagovailoa taking meaningful snaps for the first time since he was at Alabama.

16 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa says being healthy enough to start was a journey

  1. Tua definitely likes using the word “definitely.” Good luck to him. I hope he does well.

  2. I get Tua has to start but I think this is a decision being forced on the HC by the owner and all the silent owners. Its a mistake.

  3. How can you not route for this kid? He’s been nothing but classy since his injury. I wish him the best of luck and success.

  4. For everyone complaining how Fitz was totally shafted, keep in mind he was 0-8 on third downs against the Jets with 2 ints.
    I like Fitz as well however how many more ints could we take?

  5. Will all the arm chair GM’s/Fitzmagic Fan Club hold it against this kid and actually root against him? I’m cheering for him. When Bob Quin and Matt Patricia get fired soon it will be because they passed on both Tua and Herbert.

  6. Do not underrate this kid. He’s got the complete package as a player and team leader. The only thing he needs is an O Line and receivers.(!)

  7. Rooting for the kid, but not expecting much. Too injury prone to survive in the NFL. Tua got hurt multiple times behind a dominate top 5 OL at ‘Bama. The Dolphins don’t have an elite OL, and I don’t think his body will hold up getting hit by much bigger and stronger athletes in the NFL.

  8. This guy is one safety blitz from needing a walker the rest of his life. Good luck w/ THAT, Miami.

  9. Let’s suppose the haters are correct. Tua’s hip will collapse, etc. Miami must take this opportunity with Tua. Or will you stay safe(?)with Fitz, then when he’s all done, the Fins can sign an old Matt Ryan. As Wayne G once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

  10. Once again miami messing it up. This has Ross written all over it. Oh by the way your first game is against Sam Darnold. I hope Tua can run cause hes coming. NFL is alot faster then college. And Sam darnold is faster then the nfl. I have Been a phins phan 4 30+years. This is a good way to get somebody hurt. WELL see Tua good luck. Your going to need it. So typical miami horrible decision making at its finest. Let me guess you going to trade Fitz Tua will have a problem at some point and once again we will be the laughing stock of sports. Bad idea bad idea bad idea. You will regret every decision moving forward . I think Fitz needs this more passing of his mom the guys raley around him. From a long time phins phan I’m sorry Fitz this team cant get there head out of the gutter.

  11. So I hope that the o line can handle the switch at blind side protection. But with past o lines in phins history this is not going to end well

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