Antonio Brown to visit Buccaneers

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The Seahawks were linked with Antonio Brown this week, but another NFC team is reportedly bringing him in for a visit this weekend.

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Buccaneers will meet with Brown on Saturday. Brown was briefly teammates with Bucs quarterback Tom Brady in New England last season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN confirmed the meeting and adds that discussions with the Seahawks continue as well.

Per Wilson, both sides are “highly motivated” to get a deal done. Brown was suspended eight games before the start of the season, so would be eligible to play after the Bucs play the Giants on Monday night in Week Eight. Getting a deal done now would also allow him to start the COVID-19 protocols that will be necessary for him to play.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was asked this week about the team’s interest in the free agent and said “we’re there, we’re in it and we know what’s happening.” They weren’t the first to move, however, and they may have to see him somewhere down the road.

22 responses to “Antonio Brown to visit Buccaneers

  1. The TB HC earlier said they weren’t interested… they are? TB > BA = AB
    That’s new math, for all you Algebra Freaks. .

  2. If he signs with the Bucs that offense will be better than the chief. And there defense is 10 times better

    Good luck covering all those WR

  3. TB 12 the GOAT just wants to win Lombardis. He would throw balls to a murderer if it got him a 7th trophy, and in fact, already has.

  4. Can you imagine the three receiver sets? Cant really double anywhere and Rojo is quietly a top ten rusher too. Good luck

  5. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    October 23, 2020 at 6:35 pm
    Tom gets what Tom wants.


    Yes and what he wants is to win SBs

  6. Rip to the rest of the NFL. You’re toast. Not just this yr, but next yr. most physical defense in league to go along with Fournette, Evans, yada yada. Seriously, you guys are DONE. Hope you enjoy 19-0 and the Bucs being the center of the universe for a while

  7. AB loves him some TB12, as he’s stated numerous times. If this happens Brady will be directly responsible for bringing in Gronkowski and AB and (according to his comments) largely responsible for bringing in Fournette as well. Damn…

  8. Lol “try New Orleans or Carolina.” Dude…he wants to be on national tv every week. He wants to go deep in the playoffs, he wants the limelight, he wants to be with his boy. Carolina..cmon

  9. Any other team interested in signing him shouldn’t worry. Even if Tampa signs him teams will have another opportunity in the near future.

  10. awesome
    there’s a reason Arians cant win
    and it’s this kind of stuff
    I like him but in many regards, he’s a clown
    AB lasted a week in NE
    let’s see what this train wreck looks like

    you know why Gronk isnt a part of the plan?

    because he’s pulverized
    every time he goes out on a route, you can literally hear the squeaks and gears grinding

    so hear comes AB 7 games in
    enjoy Tommy you glory hound

    go NE

  11. I get a huge laugh out of the Tampa homers taht are already declaring themselves a dynasty. Let’s see if they even win their division.

    Tampa Bay got beaten by Foles and the Bears….The bears

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